Add Real Design Connoisseurship To Your Bathroom With Bisque Radiators


Today, there may be many radiator manufacturers that claim to bring a chic, high-brow touch to your bathroom, but if there’s one company that was a true pioneer in the 1970s and still leads the way today, it is Bisque.



Bisque was founded in 1979 by Geoffrey Ward and John Gordon, with Ward having observed: “I still see so many stylish interiors with a boring radiator in them. People just don’t know that they can have something better.”



Much more important than the past, however, is the beautifully sophisticated, continental style that Bisque Radiators continue to bring to bathrooms throughout the UK.



What Designs Of Bisque Radiators Could Enliven Your Bathroom?



Where else could one start with any discussion of Bisque radiators than the brand’s effortlessly retro Classic towel radiators? Aesthetically, these radiators seem to be simultaneously a throwback to a bygone age and unashamedly ‘now’.



We can supply these radiators in the two timeless standard colours of white or anthracite, but they can also be colour matched to popular paint ranges such as Farrow & Ball, Little Green and many RAL and metallic colours.



Alternatively, for something that tastefully and stylishly channels the widespread look of towel radiators from many decades later, it is difficult to look past the Decorative panel towel radiator. It incorporates a neat grille to hide its fins from view, and has been particularly designed to sit under windows to make the most of Fitted Bathrooms wall space that often goes unused.



New iconic Bisque radiators have continued to be released based on often highly modern motifs, such as the Hot Hoop towel radiator that is made from premium polished stainless steel and was designed by Paul Priestman, Trustee of the UK Design Council.



Alternatively, perhaps your heart may be won by the Svelte towel radiator that, with its slender and graceful style, has been rightly described as “the prima ballerina of radiators”. However, it is far from merely a cosmetic delight, as it is also made from recycled aluminium, uses 90% less water than standard ladder rails and is highly responsive to temperature adjustments.



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Here at Prestige Bathrooms, we are great admirers of the Bisque brand and its relentless efforts to explore and redefine just how chic the humble bathroom radiator can be. If one thing can be judged from its many widely admired collections, it is that Bisque radiators are never just radiators.



Talk to our professional and friendly team here at Prestige Bathrooms today about the part that the best-chosen Bisque radiators could play in the rejuvenation of your own home’s bathroom – and how we could help you to make it all possible.