Are You Better Off With A Brick Or Concrete Garage?

You may not think there are many decisions to be made once you have already chosen to invest in a new garage, but there is certainly one big decision that can be quite deceptive: brick or concrete?

It’s easy to presume that there are too few differences between these popular materials for it to be worth spending much time mulling over this particular decision, not least as both options have many similar characteristics.

Choose either a brick or concrete garage, and you can look forward to a high level of strength and durability in your garage, in addition to an attractive finish. Both types of garage can also be depended on to add value to your property – so does it matter which one you opt for?

There are certain key differences

Let’s not be in any denial that brick and Concrete Garages In Birmingham or elsewhere do differ in certain ways. Brick garages, for instance, have been around for rather longer than concrete garages and are more affordable to build. They are also easy to maintain.

Concrete garages, in comparison, do often require more care and attention to maintain. However, if you want sheer longevity in your garage, it’s hard to think of a better material than concrete, and it’s also a material capable of withstanding a variety of compression forces.

Take advantage of the best of both with Betta Buildings

Thankfully, the decision between these two types of garage often doesn’t really need to be made, as our own concrete garages in Birmingham here at Betta Buildings can be specified with a pleasing stone and brick finish to give you the finest advantages of both materials.

Even the best-value concrete garage in our range – the Pent garage – combines thick concrete steel reinforced panels with a brick and stone wall finish for a pleasingly traditional appearance.

But of course, the same and many more advantages are also to be found further up our range, with our Apex 20 garage available in any of three unique wall finishes: brick/stone, textured or Garaclad.

We make the process of deciding on and investing in a new garage so much easier than you might have expected here at Betta Buildings. So why not enquire to our team now about our full range of concrete garages in Birmingham and the many associated optional extras and supporting services?

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