IAS Interview Cracking Golden Tips 2017

IAS interview is a half-an-hour of exercise which can change your life. A high score in UPSC interview can sometimes create a difference of more than 100 marks with fellow candidates in just under 30 minutes. Being the last round, this would give one, an untouchable lead in India’s toughest and most important competition – UPSC Civil Services Exam. Though the final rank list is prepared by taking the sum of UPSC mains marks and interview marks, very often we see that interview score is matters

Before this post we give best tip for IAS preparation exam, Now it’s time to crack interview after getting a score in the written exam, In this post, we present 25 golden tips for success in IAS interview.

  1. Start early! – It is very important not to lose time. Start early. Don’t wait for the results of UPSC Civil Services Main exam. Start shining your personality as early as possible.
  2.          Read your bio-data multiple times– Interviewer asked most of the questions based on the bio-data of the candidate in UPSC interview. Copies of the Detailed Application Form (DAF) will be shared with each of the board members. It is exceedingly important not to looks on personal questions. Revise your bio-data many times and prepare well for questions from areas like hobbies, education, work experience, why you joining etc

  3.          Develop a positive attitude and confidence– You might have bad experiences from previous interviews as well. But don’t let negative thoughts to ruin your chances. Doesn’t worry about matters – interview board, position, questions gives every answer with confidence and attitudes. Everyone loves people with self-confidence. If you are sure about your beliefs, answers or solutions, express them confidently

  4.          Don’t lie- Be serious about the process and questions; don’t say lies to impress UPSC interview board. They have vast experience and knowledge. Don’t be try to speak lie

  5.          Improve your communication skills- First impression is last impression try to speak in well English communication, Improve your command over the language for UPSC interview. Listening to debates and news on television channels is one practical way to improve communication skills. Also, start  given mock interview with your IAS Coaching Center

  6.          Get straight to the point- Master the art of giving to-the-point answers. Very often, long answers can be condensed into chip, but interesting statements. If you need more guidance on do’s and don’ts for IAS interview, read our article on civil services interview where we have mentioned about how to give straight answer to IAS Interviewer

  7.          Revise your optional subject- It is seen that many candidates neglect their optional subject after UPSC CSE Mains clear. But UPSC interview panel may ask questions from your optional subject on the interview day

  8. .       Go through your 10th to graduation text books– UPSC interviewers are expert and they asked you question on basic of graduation to ssc. Candidates to take their graduation seriously. As this is one area where the interview panel perceives the candidates to have expertise with. So, more in-depth questions can come from this area.

  9. .       Know your district and state- Sometimes interviewer asks- questions about the district and state. So candidate need to collect details about your birth place, district commissioner, CM name and more about works. Know the problems in your village or city. Be prepared with solutions as well

  10. Keep calm– Try to give clear answer. The interviewer may be questions may be from a wide area of topics/subject. You sometimes may not know answers of many. If you do not know anything about a topic you are asked, then admit that you do not have any idea. Don’t panic. Keep clear answer don’t no

rahul tajankar