Manor Of Groves Is Dedicated To Making Your Wedding Special


Manor Of Groves Is Dedicated To Making Your Wedding Special



It would take us a while to list literally all of the reasons why Manor of Groves makes the ideal Wedding Venue In Hertfordshire. One that stands out among those to have got married with us, however, is our sheer dedication to making every aspect of the big day go like a dream, for not just the couple but also everyone else involved.



You’re In Safe Hands With Manor Of Groves



Unfortunately, one of the most important days of your life can also be one of the most stressful to plan.



Birthdays, family gatherings – we’re used to all of them here at Manor of Groves, but none of them are as demanding as the average wedding, which is why we have a team of professional wedding planners and managers to help take the weight off your shoulders, both before and during your big day.



No One Should Go Hungry On Your Big Day



We fully understand that some couples may be looking to hire us as a venue only, not least so that they can provide their own catering. It is because of this that we offer an array of self-catering wedding packages that enable you to use the catering company of your choice.



As well as ensuring that a favourite caterer of yours doesn’t get left out of your wedding proceedings, such a package allows you to better cater to those in your party who may have more specific dietary requirements or preferences.



Adding That Little Extra Touch Of Magic



It often transpires that it’s the smaller, more intricate details that help to make the difference between an averagely happy wedding and an immensely enjoyable and memorable one. For you, it may be the design of your dress, what music is played or even a surprise gift or two.



This is why, here at Manor of Groves, we like to add an extra touch of magic to your big day by offering a wide array of special packages for your room, including everything from hand-tied bequests of the finest, freshest flowers to handmade chocolates and champagne on ice. Whatever takes your fancy, please don’t hesitate to enquire about it when making your booking.



If you have any further queries regarding hosting a wedding with Manor of Groves, why not get in touch with our welcoming team?