Our Broken Wrist Cast Protectors Can Play An Invaluable Role

Broken wrists are known by various terms, including ‘Colle’s fracture’ and ‘distal radius fracture’, and can occur in a variety of scenarios, such as if the sufferer falls onto an outstretched hand or sustains a blow to the wrist.

Furthermore, this type of injury can be complicated, with the most suitable treatment dependent on such factors as whether the fracture is ‘displaced’, ‘unstable’ or ‘open’.

Whatever the nature of your own wrist fracture may be, you will almost certainly appreciate a solution for shielding the cast from potential water damage. This is where DryPro’s renowned Broken Wrist Cast Protectors can play an invaluable role, not least due to their use of a patented watertight seal that really does keep moisture away from your cast.

Don’t compromise your freedom when you have a wrist fracture

As aforementioned, there are various ways of treating a broken wrist depending on the exact nature of the injury, and it may need to be reset if it is not in the right position to heal on its own.

You will also probably be required to wear a splint for a few days to a week while the swelling reduces, followed by a cast, which often needs to be worn for six to eight weeks or longer, depending on the severity of the break. Regular X-rays are also typically required to check that the injury is healing normally.

As with other types of injury that require a cast to be worn, there are certain aspects of day-to-day life with a wrist fracture that can be extremely awkward without some kind of protection for the cast from moisture. We certainly feel that a dedicated product for protecting your cast from water contact is far preferable to having to improvise, for example, by using a plastic carrier bag or simply trying to keep your wrist away from the water.

Purchase your DryPro wrist cast protector from us

While there are other products on the market that may physically resemble DryPro’s broken wrist cast protectors, none of them have DryPro’s patented vacuum seal that enables the wearer to bathe, shower and even swim with the utmost convenience and comfort.

Not only are our broken wrist cast protectors innovative in design and genuinely watertight, but they are also available for next day delivery throughout the UK – so why not place your order now to help make your life so much easier when recovering from a broken wrist?  

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