Postal Products And Labelling Come No Better Than Our Own Acclaimed Offerings


We stock many vital products for the furniture, removals and self-storage industries here at Simpson Packaging – including paper products, cartons, Padlocks and many more – and within those ranges, there is no shortage of depth, designed to ensure that all of our customers’ conceivable needs are addressed. The situation is no different with our highly rated selection of postal products and labels, as we really do have every almost every such product that you could possibly require.



Some of our customers, of course, have fairly basic and obvious needs. They may require our Jiffy padded bags, for instance, which are just the thing for the posting of heavy or bulky items. Or maybe they are running short of Featherpost bubble lined mailers, which we offer in sizes suited to all manner of uses, such as the posting of jewellery, watches, CDs, books or even small clothing? We even stock lightweight, durable opaque metallic bags and plain or printed document enclosed wallets that are ideally suited for despatch.



Then, there are all of those other, less conventional postal products, labels and related items that you simply may not see at such competitive prices anywhere except Simpson Packaging. If you need to post a document or poster, for example, in the confidence that it will get to its destination in the best possible condition, you can’t deliver it in a better package than one of our cardboard postal tubes, which are also a fine solution for the posting of heavier items like steel bars and tripods.



Labelling is another area of particular renown here at Simpson Packaging – indeed, we can even print them in-house on our own label machines, with all manner of label sizes and colours available from stock. Or what about having labels custom printed by us in full colour with your own design? For the latter option, you can select from a range of Packaging Materials, including both paper and vinyl.



Our expertise in all things labelling even extends to the likes of moving and storage labels – should it be necessary to mark which packed items are from which room – and computer labels and printer ribbons, as are available on rolls, A4 sheets or sprocket fed printer sheets. You can even order label dispensers from us to really make your firm’s packing operation as efficient as it can be.



Why place your trust in any other supplier of postal products and labelling, when Simpson Packaging is continually on hand to provide the right solutions in not only this, but also a broad assortment of other key product categories? Simply get in touch with our team now, and you will soon come to appreciate our first-rate, family-oriented service, together with our highly attractive pricing.


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