Sometimes, The ‘Best Candidate’ Isn’t The Best Candidate

Recruitment Experts across the land are likely to tell you all about the importance of choosing the best candidate for your vacancy. However, the term ‘for your vacancy’ is in many ways the key one – and more than that, you need to make sure that person is also the best candidate for your company.


Let’s give you a demonstration of what we mean. Yes, a given candidate may seem to be the perfect one for your open role. They may have the skills and the experience – but when you put them in the mix of your company, with its specific values and culture, existing employees and other requirements, are they likely to be as good?


The answer to that question may well be “no”. Recruiting the right person for your vacancy is never just a case of finding someone to match all of the bullet points in the job description and person specification. That’s because you also need to think about the wider context of your company and the kind of person that your workforce needs, not just their skills and qualifications.


Diversity Is Key To Effective Hiring


It’s natural that when you are looking to add to your workforce, you may well be biased towards those that you perceive to be similar to you. Of course, we like to work with like-minded individuals who may work in much the same way as we do, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the right recruit for your business as a whole.


Indeed, you would probably be better off aiming for diversity, not similarity, in the construction of your workforce. With one study, for instance, having found that companies in the top quartile for diversity financially outperform those in the bottom quartile, it’s well worth considering whether this prospective recruit would add much to your workforce that it doesn’t already have.


Does that highly promising ‘best candidate’ bring a background, qualifications, approach or skills that will enhance your team’s diversity? If not, it may be best to think again.


A Holistic Hiring Approach Is Crucial



Another thing that many Recruitment Companies will tell you is the importance of being ‘holistic’ in your approach to hiring – in short, taking a wider view of the place that a given recruit would have in your company, rather than judging them against the job description and person spec alone.


Whatever hiring choices you make, remember that when you’re taking on a new member of staff, you are taking on a person – with their own distinctive attitudes, expectations and values – and not just a robot possessing certain skills. What implications could recruiting this person truly have on your business’s harmony, agility and prospects?


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