The Art Of Buying The Most Suitable Tables For Your Restaurant

We have written extensively in the past on the importance of bearing in mind a wide range of factors when purchasing furniture for your restaurant or similar establishment.

Many of the factors that we have long cited – such as style and material – certainly apply to your restaurant’s table tops and bases.

However, it is also vital to give careful thought to the dimensions of your tables when contemplating which ones would best suit your food or drink business.

Size really does matter with restaurant tables

One of the very first steps of selecting the most appropriate table for your restaurant is considering whether the table will be used for casual or formal dining, as this will have a great impact on the dimensions that you specify.

If the table is to be used for casual drinking and snacking, any height below 650mm is standard, rising to 750mm for more formal dining.

What is known as ‘poseur’ height, meanwhile, is 1,100mm, with such tall tables being designed to hold the drinks placed upon them by those standing nearby.

The importance of determining the right ‘coverage’

It is also imperative, when investing in a set of restaurant tables, to determine how many ‘covers’ or diners your restaurant will be capable of seating.

Naturally, the area size of your restaurant will largely dictate this. It is recommended that each diner is given about 600mm in width, with diners each being separated by at least one person’s width. These widths may be safely reduced in the case of more informal restaurants, while more exclusive, fine dining establishments may wish to increase them.

A minimum of at least 700-800m of space between a restaurant table and the walls or other restaurant tables is another good rule of thumb to help ensure that your diners can easily push their chair away, leave their seat and move around your establishment as necessary.

Nor should material or aesthetic be neglected

We are among the most seasoned and respected Restaurant Table Suppliers here at Design & Contract Furniture, and are therefore well-placed to advise on and provide you with the pieces that will best suit the aesthetic you desire for your establishment, as well as the essential practicalities.

Do you have traditional solid ash, oak or walnut restaurant tables in mind, or perhaps an unashamedly contemporary aluminium table or other up-to-the-minute design?

We really can supply the furniture items that you most seek for your restaurant here at Design & Contracts, including on a highly bespoke basis. So, please do contact our professional and receptive team today about the services that we can provide to your business – wherever it is based in the United Kingdom.

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