10 Best Web Scraping Tools to Extract Online Data

Web Scraping tools also known as web extraction tools or web harvesting tools are specifically designed to extract information from websites. Web scraping is a new data collection technique very popular with people who want to collect data from the internet where you need not waste time on copy pasting or repetitive typing. Data can be manually or automatically accessed from market research firms or from data analytics providers and stored for easy analysis or reference.

Best Web Scraping Tools

Below we have given a list of web scraping tools where some are free to use while others have premium plans after a certain trial period.

  • Import.io
  • Dexi.io
  • Webhouse.io
  • Scrapinghub
  • Visual Scraper
  • Outwit Hub
  • Scraper
  • 80 legs
  • Spinn3r
  • ParseHub


Import.io offers a cutting edge technology for builders to form their own datasets by accessing the data from a specific webpage and exporting it to CSV. Thousands of web pages are easily scraped in no time without writing a single code line, building over 1000 APIs depending on your requirements. Import.io also offers a free app for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux for building data extractors and crawlers and downloading data & sync online.


Dexi.io originally known as CloudScrape supports collection of data from just any website without downloading it. A browser based editor is there to set up crawlers to extract real time data. The collected data can be saved on Google Drive or Box.net or exported as CSV or JSON. Dexi.io offers proxy servers if you don’t want your identity to be revealed with anonymous data access.


Webhouse.io is a browser based app providing direct access to structured data and real time data by using a data crawling technology that has the ability to crawl massive amounts of data from multiple online sources in a single API. Web data can be extracted in over 240 languages and the output data can be saved in several formats like XML, RSS and JSON.


Scrapinghub is a cloud based tool for data extraction. It makes use of a smart proxy rotator Crawlera that uses bypassing bot counter measures to crawl through large or bot protected sites. Scrapinghub can successfully convert the whole web page into an organized content. With its basic plan one concurrent crawl can be accessed but with its premium monthly plan of $25 you can access around four crawls.

Visual Scraper

Visual Scraper is a web data extraction software that can extract data from multiple web pages and the results can fetched in real time. It is also possible to export in certain formats like XML, CSV, JSON and SQL. It’s simple point and click interface makes it comparatively very simple to collect and manage data.

Outwit Hub

Outwit Hub is a Firefox add on that can simplify your web search with multiple data extraction features. One can automatically browse through pages with this tool storing the extracted data in a format form. This is a very simple and free to use web scraping tool for scraping small or large amounts of data by offering a single interface.


Scraper has limited data extraction features but can make online research as well as export data to Google spreadsheets. Scraper is a free tool that can be used by both beginners and experts who can simply copy data to clipboard and then store it on spreadsheets with the help of OAuth. Although it does not have features like automatic crawling but the best thing is that you need worry about tedious configuration.

80 legs

This is a strong but flexible web scraping tool that can be figured according to your requirements that works very fast by fetching the required data in seconds. As a large amount of data can be extracted and downloaded instantly by 80legs, it is used by big giants like PayPal and Mailchimp.


With Spinn3r you can fetch entire data from social media sites, blogs, news along with RSS and ATOM feeds saving it on JSON files. Besides extraction of data it offers spam protection by removing spam and other language uses to improve safety of your data. The admin console allows you to control crawls while the entire text search can make complex queries of raw data.


ParseHub takes the support of AJAX, JavaScript, cookies or redirects to crawl one or multiple websites. It uses the machine learning technology to identify documents on the web generating the output file according to the data format required. This tool is also available as a free desktop app for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows with a free basic plan for five crawl projects.

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