10 Reasons Why EmailDocs is a Must for Dental Marketing

1.  Building awareness is good for business

When you communicate with your patients regularly, your name and brand remain top-of-mind. Our pre-scheduled email marketing newsletters will ensure your patients never forget who you are and what you offer. 


2.  Creating a buzz creates a sense of urgency

Brand awareness isn’t enough if you don’t use it to create buzz. That means giving patients a reason to come to you for a new product or service, instead of waiting for them to need something. Creating a sense of urgency with our promotional emails will ensure your calls to action are answered.


3.  Beating the competition keeps you No. 1

EmailDocs offers the perfect opportunity to let your patients know that you have the latest dental technology, putting your practice out in front of the competition –  even if your competitors offer the same product or service. Our SEO team differentiates you from your competition and make you the expert in your community!


4.  Building relationships builds customer loyalty 

Patients don’t automatically come back even if they were satisfied with treatment. Our consistent communications and patient contacts can help you build customer loyalty by showing your patients you care about them and value their feedback.


5.  Loyal customers are repeat customers

Now that you have turned satisfied customers into loyal customers, you will start to notice them respond to your new products and services that they will learn about from our patient communications. Research shows that repeat customers are more likely to try new services, which will help keep your practice profitable.


6.   A stress-free way to get referrals

You know how tough it is asking for a referral.  With our personalized dental marketing agency company communications, you increase the opportunity for referrals using our event marketing messages. Invite your patient to bring a friend along for a free consultation. Once you get the friend through the office door, you’re just one step away from gaining a new patient.


7.  Turn that first visit into a customer for life

Ignoring new patients after that first visit is a mistake that will cost your business dearly. EmailDocs gives you the tools to keep in contact with your new patient from the minute he or she chooses your dental practice to treatment and beyond. Mix your messages: provide helpful tips on what to expect during the first visit, offer advice on how to get the most from their dental insurance and let them know about a new service. This soft sell approach will help create a customer for life.


8.  Lure ‘lost’ patients back 

Don’t just write off a patient just because he or she hasn’t contacted you in 6 months or a year or even more. While that patient might well have found a new dentist, chances are he or she just got busy with life and put dental health on the backburner. With email marketing, you can reconnect and start building the relationship where you left on, while offering discounts and promotions designed as incentives to get them back knocking on your door.

9.  Turn education into buys 

No one wants to be “sold” all the time. But attaching promotions to related “education” emails is one way of attracting business while keeping your patients informed. Implants might not be a mystery to you, but many patients might not know what’s involved and why they might be candidates for such a procedure. Or get patients running to line up for in-office teeth-whitening treatment just because you told them how laser technology works. We make your offers time limited to add a sense of urgency. After all, no one wants to miss out on a good deal.

 10.  Increase sales while saving a bundle 

Using EmailDocs for your dental marketing agency company not only makes sense because it brings immediate results, as a bonus it will also save you a bundle of cash over conventional advertising. For a fraction of what consultants cost, you can build patient relationships that increase sales and boost revenues.


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