2019 Wedding Ring Trends

Are you going to say ‘I Do’ in 2019? But don’t have a ring because you are confused? We’ve got you covered. Here are the latest ring trends for you this year.

1. Eternity bands
Sometimes you just need to be extra. Most rings have 1 center solitaire but eternity bands are only made of diamonds of the same sizes on the entire ring. Bling and beauty all together.

2. A little pop of color
Diamonds are stunning but have you ever seen rings with rubies or sapphires? They will steal your heart. Rings with a little color in them are unique and stand out, so it’s not hard to tell why they are becoming a trend.

3. Antique designs
People are falling for antique rings that bring some history to their new love. Antique designs are very unique, original and can be distinguished easily thus making them difficult to have a twin. After all, old is gold. And in our case? Literally.

4. Bridal sets
People often like to wear both, their engagement and wedding rings. To avoid any complications on how to do that, they have now started buying sets. A set includes an engagement and a wedding ring that will match.

5. Anything huge
I don’t think this trend ever goes out of style. Women love their diamonds and the bigger the better. Rings with large rocks are often affiliated with beauty, grace and a very happy bride. Large rocks often cost a bomb but are always worth it.