3 Characteristics That Make Someone A True ‘Team Player’


When you think of any of the obvious corporate success stories from down the years – from Microsoft to Apple – one of the things that should become clear to you straight away is the importance of the right team.



However, there’s a big difference between a great team, and simply a bunch of smart people. The aforementioned success stories were built on teams that had that seemingly indefinable, but definitely detectable ‘spark’ or ‘magic’.



The good news is that it’s possible to bottle such magic – well, sort of. You can do it by looking for each of the three following traits in your own company’s staff and job candidates.



  1. Hunger


Everyone needs hunger if they are to be a success in any field of life, and there’s no question that the strong drive and work ethic that characterises a hungry person can be a massive asset for a successful team.



These people don’t see mediocrity as ‘good enough’. They’re always looking for more, whether that’s learning, responsibility or action. They aren’t afraid of uncomfortable conflict, holding others accountable and thinking carefully about what’s next.



  1. Humility


Contrary to the widespread perception of successful people being ‘full of ego’, great team players are necessarily humble – they know that the requirements and goals of the team must come above their own. They aren’t obsessed about their own status rather than the welfare of the team, the collective success of which is their greatest priority.



  1. Social Smarts


That word ‘social’ is vital here – we aren’t simply talking about your team members who rack up the highest test scores.



We’re talking about your staffers who have the social skills to get all on with all kinds of people en route to a shared goal. They are the people who understand team dynamics and can disagree with other members of the team in a productive and tactful way.



An employee of yours who lacks any of the above three traits doesn’t stand much chance of becoming a great team player. However, if they do have at least one or two of these characteristics, there is scope for them to develop into real assets to your team, in turn inspiring other employees of yours to be the best that they can be.



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