3 Questions To Ask About That Talent Management Software You’re Considering

3 Questions To Ask About That Talent Management Software You’re Considering

Picking out the right recruitment software may initially seem as straightforward as asking what your hiring team’s current pain points are, and which solution best addresses them.

However, it’s not always as simple as that – not least as many employers seeking out the best software package can be easily wooed by a particular platform’s long features list, losing sight of the bigger picture in the process.

So, whether you call it recruitment software, an applicant tracking system or even Talent Management Software, what are three questions to ask yourself that will help you to choose the right solution for your company? 


1.    Does The Hiring Manager Like It?

It shouldn’t just be a general HR decision to invest in a particular recruitment software package – after all, a lot of money is likely to be going into this. Are the actual hiring managers in your firm’s various departments likely to embrace it?

Don’t run the risk of the talent management software that you buy being regarded by your hiring managers as the “domain of HR”. When you only have two or three solutions left from which to choose, get your hiring managers to try them out and give their verdict, so that you can be sure of gaining the maximum value from your investment.


2.    Does It Help You To Make Savings And Efficiencies?

The more you can minimise your recruitment spend, the more you can save for future campaigns, refined in light of what you have already learned through your chosen talent management software.

But does your chosen software produce the data that you need to determine which advertising channels and job boards are giving you the best results? It’s certainly what the customisable report builder incorporated into our own Fusion platform does, thereby helping you to focus solely on the strategies that genuinely work.  


3.    Does It Put An End To Manual Inputting?

Does compiling and reaching for the information that you need about your candidates involve fiddling about with cumbersome and time-consuming spreadsheets? Do those spreadsheets contain errors that you may never know about unless they have catastrophic consequences in terms of the candidates you invite to interview?

You could even be vulnerable to legal claims if you insist on continuing to use such dated processes to manage your hiring. Thankfully, Fusion is designed in such a way that you can retrieve the candidates and data that you need to look at with ease, without having to sift through spreadsheet after spreadsheet or literally hundreds of CVs.

The stakes are higher than ever these days when it comes to selecting from the wealth of available Talent Management Software. Such an ATS should assist you with your overall strategy, rather than simply acting as a repository of candidate information, if you are to better ensure a hiring process that will guide your company to sustainable growth.