3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Swimming Pool Cover


3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Swimming Pool Cover



A swimming pool cover is an important investment for your pool, which is precisely why you need to take the time to consider your requirements from one, so that you make the most suitable purchase first time out.



Here are just three of the factors that we would urge you to bear in mind when shopping for a Swimming Pool Cover.



1. The Intended Purpose Of The Cover



When you are browsing the ranges of swimming pool covers, you will come across the terms ‘solar pool cover’ and ‘winter pool cover’ – and yes, as the names might imply, these different types of solar cover serve very different purposes.



Solar swimming pool covers are generally used to keep pool water warm via the transferral of solar heat. Winter covers, meanwhile, are laid on a pool during its ‘off-season’ to help prevent it becoming green and dirty, and therefore make it easier to immediately start using the pool again come the spring.



2. The Material Specification



This is a big factor in our own swimming pool covers here at Pool Warehouse – if you simply want a long-lasting and good all-round cover, for instance, Platinum+ GB may be your best option. Or if maximum solar gain in hotter conditions is a priority for you, SolGuard GB might be especially suitable.



EnergyGuard is another frequently-requested material specification among those purchasing swimming pool covers from us. It’s a cover that is renowned for its prevention of algae growth.



3. The Optional Extras



Here at Pool Warehouse, we really do believe in giving you the maximum freedom to customise your swimming pool cover to make it truly your own.



It’s why we offer such a stunning assortment of optional extras, from tow kit attachments that help to support the cover edge – thereby making the opening and closing of the cover easier – right through to press fix connectors for the purpose of attaching straps, tow kits and reinforcing to solar covers.



Pool Warehouse doesn’t stock the limited and rather basic swimming pool cover range that you may be accustomed to from other online stores. Indeed, we are leading manufacturers of solar pool covers and unlike any others in the UK, we sell direct to the public.



Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions as to how you can choose the best swimming pool cover for your most specific requirements.