3 Things To Encourage Your Students To Do Right Now


While we spend a lot of time here on the Careercake blog advising jobseekers of what they can do to boost their likelihood of landing the right role, there is also plenty of action that universities, training providers and professional bodies can take to help enhance their students’ employability.


If you aren’t advising your students to consider the below tips amid their efforts to Gather The Right Work Experience, it might be a good idea to do so.


1. Start A Blog


In much the same way as your training company may have built up its industry reputation and authority in large part through the maintenance of a regularly-updated blog, so it can also be a good idea for your students to have their own blog, on which they comment on issues that matter to them.


It will help them to develop a credible online persona and demonstrate their high level of ‘digital literacy’ to employers, in an age when these things matter more than ever. They can further cement their blog’s impact by having a Twitter account on which they link back to posts on their blog.


2. Ensure They Have A Squeaky Clean Digital Footprint


While it’s great if your students are making a valuable contribution to the online space with their own blogs, accompanying this should be a commitment to ensuring their reputation on the Internet is nothing less than squeaky clean.


It’s very much the ‘done thing’ these days for employers to at least Google candidates’ names, so you should encourage your students to do the same. Are there any controversial tweets or embarrassing photos out there that could harm their chances of securing their dream role?


It isn’t always easy or possible to have every single piece of potentially detrimental content taken off the Internet. However, your students should certainly be mindful of the importance of preserving the best possible online reputation – and as with so many other things in life, prevention may be better than cure.


3. Get Involved In Societies, Events And Communities


When a prospective employer looks over your students’ CVs, there should be a clear sense that the jobseeker cares for things that aren’t just about getting a well-paid job. Encouraging your students to participate in communities, events and societies – such as those at university – can go a long way to ensuring this.


It’s worth reminding your students that while it’s helpful for their extra-curricular activities to be related in some way to the career to which they aspire, this is by no means crucial. After all, taking a leadership or other strong role in any of the above can help to communicate the level of commitment, responsibility and transferrable skills that are attractive to pretty much any employer.


Such activities could include organising charity fundraising events, fabricating art exhibitions, being the secretary of a university society… the list is endless.


You should emphasise to your students that while the world of work may seem a long way away right now, it will arrive sooner than they think, which means it is crucial for them to be as well-prepared as possible.


As a matter of fact, why not take a leading role in helping to ensure your students are in the best position they can be in when they leave your course, by drawing upon our Online Career Training here at Careercake that is geared towards the needs of organisations?


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