3 Tips To Guide Your Choice Of Bridal Lehenga


3 Tips To Guide Your Choice Of Bridal Lehenga



We are in no doubt here at Khubsoorat that you will look truly beautiful on your wedding day, regardless of what you wear. Nonetheless, we are equally sure that we will appreciate some advice on how to choose from the many Bridal Lehengas on the market to ensure that you flaunt your beauty to its greatest advantage, and with the utmost flair and style.



Here are three tips that will enable you to do all of those things, and much more.



  1. Be In Tune With The Season


Not only for practical reasons but also so that you can communicate an aesthetic in keeping with your environment, it’s a great idea to specifically look out for fabrics and materials that go well with the season in which you are tying the knot.



For a spring or summer wedding, for instance, you may look to dazzle with fluid fabric such as georgette or silk. Winter nuptials, meanwhile, naturally call for heavier and thicker clothing, so you may give some thought to khadi or velvet lehengas incorporating strict inner linings.



  1. Celebrate Your Figure


Whether you have worked hard to achieve that perfect hourglass figure or it is your natural shape, an A-line lehenga, with flowing fabric wrapping around your gorgeous body, topped with a short or even net patterned choli, could truly send jaws dropping at your ceremony.



But if you are a curvier bride, there’s no need to fret about any extra weight being detrimental to your look in your wedding photos. Instead, consider a sharara or even a cut lehenga. For brides whose hips aren’t especially wide compared to the rest of their body, a fish-cut lehenga could be just the ingredient to give a flawless look.



  1. Play Around With Colours


While red, gold and pink are the most frequently chosen colours for Asian bridal couture on account of their association with bridal happiness, it’s not always advisable to stick to convention when you wish to truly impress on your wedding day.



Opting for such a relatively unconventional choice as a multicoloured kalidar lehenga or a pastel peach long Anarkali lehenga could be just the formula to take your guests’ breaths away at the moment you make your entrance.



Are you ready to look and feel fabulous on one of the most special occasions of your life? If so, make contact today with Khubsoorat, so that we can get to know you, your preferences and how we may help you to turn every head on your big day with one of our beautiful and elegant bridal lehengas.