3 Ways To Make Culture Central To Your Hiring Process


There have been quite a few interesting changes to worker attitudes in recent decades from the older to the younger generations. However, one of the most intriguing is undoubtedly the shift from an emphasis on pay and benefits, to one on the ‘culture’ in which one works.



Millennials – the generation born roughly between the early 1980s and the early 2000s – are by no means uninterested in a good salary or career advancement, but one thing that they definitely do care about is company culture.



So, how can you make your own organisation’s culture central to its hiring process, thereby attracting more candidates from this generation that is increasingly dominating the workplace? Here at leading Recruitment Advertising Agency Webrecruit, we thought we’d outline three of our favourite ways.



  1. Draw Upon Your Company Website


Does your organisation’s website emphasise the cultural differences between your company and your sector as a whole? Is it specific about the team-building activities that happen inside and outside the office, and about how meetings are structured to ensure everyone can contribute?



Be specific and transparent when detailing on your website what it is that makes your company culture different – the usual clichés like “Our team works hard and plays hard” won’t really tell the reader anything useful.



  1. Embrace Past Employee Reviews


A lot of companies are scared of the reviews that past employees may provide of them, whether on any of a range of social media sites or review platforms like Glassdoor – but why should they be? After all, if your company culture is something to shout about, this should be borne out through the reviews that your former staffers write.



As for if those reviews are negative or you fear them being negative in the future, perhaps that should be your cue to make certain changes at your company so that you can look forward to rather more positive words from your ex-employees instead?



  1. Get Your Team Involved


If your company culture is a genuinely inclusive one in which everyone gets to have their say, why not demonstrate this through your recruitment process by getting your entire team involved in searching for and/or selecting that new staffer?



It may be that your usual HR team still does the actual interviewing, but that one or two other employees of yours sit in and provide feedback from their own, fresher perspective. They could even help to answer any culture-related questions that the candidate may have.



As long as you know what your company culture actually is – and that’s a very much separate question – you can do a lot to leverage your culture to great advantage in your hunt for the right staff. Choose the right recruitment advertising agency like Webrecruit, and you can even further maximise your likelihood of hiring success.


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