5 Easy and simple tricks on layer mask in Photoshop CS6

5 Easy and simple tricks on the layer mask in Photoshop CS6

Layer masks are impacts on your photo editing work greatly. It helps us to get accurate, precise, and high-quality image. For many of us don’t know some secret use of this mask tool. Today, I am going to break down these secrets and reveal the truth of this special tool in Photoshop. Hope, this content will help you to speed up your photo editing process fast.

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Let see the secret tricks on the layer mask in Photoshop Cs6.

Secret No 1. Disable the layer mask temporarily

Sometimes we need to see the effect of the image without using the layer mask in Photoshop. We don’t need to delete or creating a layer mask in this case. Just move the cursor over to the layer mask and hold on Shift and click on it to turn off the layer mask temporarily. This will bring a red X icon over the image and show you the effect of the image without using the layer mask.

Secret No 2. Move the mask from layer to layer

Photoshop allows you to move the layer from one layer to another. Just click on the layer thumbnail and move it from layer to layer.

Secret No 3. Duplicate and add the layer mask

It is the quickest method to add an effect to a different layer by creating a single layer mask. You can use the same layer mask in the different layer which saves huge time. Such as, you want to apply an effect any part of the image by creating a new adjustment layer. To do this, just hold on Ctrl and drag the layer mask to the layer you wish to create.

Secret No 4. Applying layer mask

If you want to add an effect in your image you are going for without losing the layer mask effect, you can do this. Just right-click on the layer mask, and choose the applying a layer mask to add effect on your image.

Secret No 5. Delete the layer mask

You can also delete the layer mask easily. To delete the layer mask, simply right-click on the layer masks and select the delete mask from the pop-up menu. This will help you to delete the layer mask effect from your image.


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