5 Signs Of A High-Performing Candidate


5 Signs Of A High-Performing Candidate

One of the things that you will most need when Recruiting Staff is an ability to recognise a high-performing candidate – the person who could make a great hire rather than merely a good one.

However, what’s truly a signal of a sound performer, and what’s just ‘noise’? Here are five of the indicators for which we think you should be keeping an eye out.


1.    They Have Responsibilities Outweighing Their Title

This is a sign of an employee who has drive and is unafraid to venture out of their comfort zone. They have no issues with failing, and quickly move on from mistakes in their quest to stretch themselves. As a result, they are trusted to take on more duties than may be in their job description.


2.    They Are Respected, Rather Than Necessarily Liked

It’s so common now for hiring decisions to be made by big HR teams, which can be overly swayed by such factors as likeability, rather than whether or not this person will be respected. It is the latter that truly matters, and which can make the difference between a good or great hire.


3.    They Know Their Strengths And Weaknesses

It seems to be the ‘done thing’ by many candidates these days to respond to any “What are your weaknesses?” question by presenting those weaknesses as if they were strengths.

However, the very highest performers are not like this. They are, instead, transparent about what their weaknesses are, not least as they will have an eye on working on them and will want them to be accounted for in training and development.


4.    They Will Be Aware Of Their Individual Contribution

The best performers know what impact they have had on their team or business, including how their actions have helped to drive growth.

After all, especially high-quality candidates will be driven to discover for themselves what role they have had in their company’s success, so that they can continue making such invaluable contributions. 


5.    They Will Be Future-Oriented

Are you afraid that the convincing candidate you have in front of you is just that bit too forward-looking – that your company isn’t quite at the stage yet where the candidate apparently wants to be?

Well, you shouldn’t be. A forward-thinking candidate is a good sign – someone who keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry and where it is going, for example, will be well-placed to smash your organisation’s status quo and take it to where it needs to be.

While this is by no means an all-encompassing list, it should give you an important head-start in your efforts to hire the person who will most help to power forward your company. Talk to Webrecruit now about our solutions that can assist your firm in recruiting staff.