5 Things That Mark Out A Great Private Functions Venue


5 Things That Mark Out A Great Private Functions Venue



Organising a private event such as a wedding, birthday party or charity dinner can be a stress-inducing task even in the best of circumstances. That’s why it helps to establish exactly what you need to look out for, from the earliest stages of your search.



Here are just five things to bear in mind when seeking out the ideal Private Functions Venue In Hertfordshire.



  1. A Great Location


Location matters for two obvious reasons: firstly, a visually pleasing setting could do so much to make the right impression on your attendees. Secondly, it helps for a venue to be well-placed for those travelling in from many different locations. Shendish Manor, for instance, is a mere 30-minute train ride away from central London.



  1. Suitable Event Spaces


Any venue that you choose should have suites or spaces capable of accommodating everyone on your guest list in comfort, while also offering all manner of other benefits. Is your chosen suite air conditioned, for example? Is it a visually interesting space, perhaps because of historical or other distinctive features or fittings? Does it have its own lounge area and bar?



  1. Good Dining Options


Sooner or later, those visiting your chosen private functions venue in Hertfordshire are going to get hungry – at which point, it helps to be able to give them the benefit of succulent cuisine in a pleasant setting. Shendish Manor, for instance, can provide the fine dining experience that perfectly matches any size or type of private event, with our delicious food being personally prepared by our Executive Chef and his team to meet your most specific needs.



  1. A Strong Track Record


With so many venues now offering to hold special events even if they have little or no track record in doing so, it really does help to look for a proven venue. Here at Shendish Manor, we hold a variety of special events throughout the year, including the likes of hen parties, traditional afternoon teas, graduations, prom celebrations and baby showers, and are well-regarded in our community and beyond.



  1. All Of The Other Extras You Might Need


There are all manner of things that you might find yourself thankful for having in your chosen private functions venue in Hertfordshire. One obvious tip is to consider a hotel as your venue, so that if people do arrive at your event and end up staying late, they’ve got the option of simply staying over there instead of battling back in the car in the dark – as long as there are still rooms available, of course.



Do you want to be able to place the utmost trust in your chosen private events venue in Hertfordshire? Here at Shendish Manor, we’ve got all of the basics and so much more covered! Just contact our friendly and professional team today to discuss your specific requirements and book one of our spaces for an event that every attendee will remember, for the right reasons.