5 Things That Those Moving To London Need To Know

We have long taken great pride here at Simpsons Removals in helping people to make their dreams come true, removing at least one worry from the often extremely complicated process of moving from one place to the next.

We are, in fact, the complete European Removal Company, so it may not shock you to learn that we have helped many individuals and businesses to relocate to the ‘big smoke’ itself – London.

However, the British capital is also an exceptional place. Here are five things that many people don’t realise about London, often until the very moment they arrive in this incredible and bustling city.

1.    It’s Really Important To Arrange Somewhere To Stay When You First Arrive

It can take a longer time than you think to find a decent room or flat, and staying in a hotel throughout that period can burn through your savings, so we would suggest that you instead stay with a generous friend in the city if you can.

2.    If You’re Solo, You’ll Need To Decide Between Flat Sharing Or Living Alone 

While the solo dream in such a vast and stimulating city as London can be extremely exciting, the likelihood is that you may be forced to flat share for financial reasons. In any case, you may prefer doing so, given the obvious opportunity that it gives you to meet new people.

3.    Great Flats Often Disappear In A Flash 

If you’re used to living in a part of the UK where flats can remain empty for months after a tenant has moved out, you can probably safely shorten that interim period to hours when it comes to comparable accommodation in London.

You need to ensure that the flat you’re viewing meets your practical and budgetary requirements. But once you have, we’d suggest that you ‘go for it’ to avoid searching forever.

4.    There’s No Need To Pay Exorbitant Costs For Attractions

At a time when you might be struggling along on a restricted budget, it makes little sense to act like a deep-pocketed tourist – and nor do you need to do so.

London offers a wealth of free or very inexpensive attractions, including world-leading galleries, museums and festivals – from Tate Modern and the National Gallery to the British Museum and Notting Hill Carnival.

5.    The City’s More Spread-Out Than You Might Realise

It’s easy to picture London as being packed and concentrated, and it is – but if you’re living in zone 1 and someone invites you to a house party in zone 3, don’t expect to get there in a jiffy.

It can sometimes seem like it takes at least 45 minutes to get anywhere in the capital, which can be surprisingly spread-out, so you will need to plan your journeys carefully.

When you require the services of a Removals Company UK that you can trust to make your big relocation a (relative) breeze, why place that trust in any company other than Simpsons Removals?

We’ve been building up quite the reputation across the UK and the continent for more than 35 years, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote.