5 Things You Definitely Need In Your Next Customer Service Employee


Customer service hiring is something that so many employers get wrong. They often treat customer service as if it’s an entry-level position, rather than representing the ‘face’ of their company.



So, how can your firm and its Recruitment Agency get better results from its customer service recruiting? Looking out for these five key candidate characteristics is a definite start.



  1. Empathy


Yes, we may be in a customer service world increasingly dominated by life-like ‘chat bots’, but even the best of them can’t replicate the empathy of a real human being.



This is important, as an empathetic customer service employee can pick up on those things that the customer may not be directly expressing, but which can nonetheless make a big difference to the ease and speed with which a particular support query is resolved.



  1. Listening Skills


Good listeners aren’t just those who are good at nodding their head in front of the customer as they have a particular issue explained to them.



That’s because the best listeners are also great at interpreting what the customer truly means, and what that should mean for the company.



When the customer is asking about the differences between different products, for example, as they really suggesting that these differences should be made clearer for the benefit of future customers?



  1. Patience


Customers often reach out to customer support agents while in a position of exasperation or frustration. Even worse, it may take a little while for even the customer service employee to fully resolve their problem.



So, is the candidate good at spending quality time with a customer and keeping them engaged? Are they effective at reassuring impatient or upset customers? How do they make those long calls feel like less of a chore, for both themselves and the customer?



  1. Product Knowledge


Of course, the candidate may not have a completely comprehensive knowledge of your product right now.



However, it’s encouraging if they already have hobbies or interests that would lead them to have a personal interest in your product, as well as if they have shown a great degree of product knowledge in a previous role.



Remember that a customer service employee who lacks thorough, hands-on knowledge of your firm’s product won’t be able to assist the customer as effectively, or even at all.



  1. Positivity


Does the candidate appear to be a naturally ‘glass half-full’ type? Are they comfortable in their own skin and able to show a positive attitude towards customers even towards the end of a long, hard day at work?



Candidates who easily become negative in their attitude to work may struggle to maintain the positivity that they need to consistently demonstrate as a customer service employee.



It’s just one more reason why so many employers adopt the ‘hire for attitude, train for skill’ approach when looking for new customer service staff.



It’s Vital To Consider Candidates’ Unique Skills And Talents



Is that candidate you’ve got your eye on someone who will ‘do the job’, or a true go-getter who your customers will love?



The latter will make all of the difference to how people remember and perceive your brand, so keep an eye out for the above characteristics when launching a recruitment campaign for a new customer service employee.



Make Webrecruit your chosen recruitment agency, and you can further increase your chances of customer service hiring success!


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