5 Tips For Recruiting Great Candidates On A Restricted Budget


In today’s world in which more and more of even the most talented candidates are prioritising rewarding work over higher salaries, your firm doesn’t necessarily need a bottomless budget if it is to attract them.



Here are just five tips for how you can hire both well and affordably.



1. Make The Most Of Your Current Staff


Your own workers – both current employees and those who have recently left the company or retired – are in many ways your greatest resource. They are likely to have connections to potentially highly suitable candidates, or could help you to assess the suitability of those you have already identified.



2. Offer Inexpensive ‘Perks’


Not all of the employee benefits that talented candidates actually desire are a financial burden on the employer. Many Millennials and other workers with families, for instance, value flexible hours at least as much as any of the pricier perks you could offer. Free training, gym memberships and rewards cards for business expenses and travel are other perks that you may want to consider.



3. Tap Into The Latest Technology


It’s easy to underestimate the wealth of Online Recruitment Software packages now on the market, with these being potentially instrumental in streamlining the process of receiving and sifting through applications and selecting the most promising candidates.


Among those packages is Webrecruit’s very own Fusion, which could free up some of your invaluable time to be used for such other priorities as actually sitting down with and talking to your candidates in an interview.



4. Optimise Your Web Presence


Candidates have never before enjoyed such easy access to such a wealth of information about your business as can be found online. But does your company’s online presence, including its careers pages, tell the right story about what your brand stands for, and what company culture new employees can expect?



Consider how you can communicate your firm’s most treasured values and add a ‘human touch’ to its behind-the-scenes activities through your website, blog and social media pages.


5. Prioritise Quality Over Quantity

If your resources are limited, don’t cast such a wide net in your search for suitable candidates that you lack the time to assess each of them and risk missing out on the best. Instead, identify only the very best-qualified candidates to invite to interview, at which point, you will be able to start developing a more meaningful relationship with them and properly judge their suitability.



While it’s certainly preferable in most circumstances for a company to have a deep budget rather than a shallow one, a lack of cash to throw around needn’t compromise your hunt for talent as much as you might have presumed.



Get in touch with Webrecruit now about how our Recruitment Technology and other solutions and expertise could help to put your company in the best position for truly cost-effective hiring.


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