A Good Applicant Tracking System Is Vital To The Candidate Experience


A Good Applicant Tracking System Is Vital To The Candidate Experience



Candidate experience’ is a buzzword that you probably hear quite a lot these days. However, you may not have fully appreciated how much benefit a great Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has for the experience that your own candidates have of your brand.



Think about it – companies tend to invest in applicant tracking systems to make their HR teams’ lives easier, which in turn, helps to make your candidates’ lives easier.



A recruitment process that quickly pinpoints great candidates, invites them to interview and takes the stress out of selection and onboarding is something that both parties should welcome. So, how can you be sure of your own chosen ATS doing the job?



The Best Ats Is A Simple One



The selection of recruitment software is not just about going for whatever has the most bells and whistles – indeed, in some ways, it may be the opposite approach that works best.



A great ATS won’t burden either you or the candidate with overlong, confusing processes that leave you having to work around the software, rather than with it.



As a matter of fact, the best applicant tracking systems will be almost invisible in their actual operation, so that the hirers and candidates alike who use it stay firmly focused on the ‘why’ element of the process, instead of being distracted by the ‘how’.



Your Chosen Solution Should Deliver A Big Impact



More than just ease of use, the all-round effectiveness of your chosen ATS should be beyond doubt.



Does your ATS, for example, produce customisable reports so that you can scour the analytics related to your search for talent, such as information on which advertising channels and job boards are giving you the best results?



Is your ATS also effective at keeping all of the other essential information about your recruitment campaigns in one place, so that it can be easily referred-to as you seek to tweak your approach?



Remember That A Good Reputation As An Employer Is Vital



You should always bear in mind that whether certain candidates are suitable or unsuitable, successful or unsuccessful, the way you treat them will have implications for your employer brand and by extension, your future recruitment efforts.



So, don’t risk deterring or annoying your candidates by giving them a poor candidate experience. Invest in the most appropriate ATS for your company’s needs, and the returns could go much further than simple enhanced convenience for your side of the recruitment process.