Are You Doing Enough To Make Your Best Employees Want To Stay Around?

Are You Doing Enough To Make Your Best Employees Want To Stay Around?

If there’s one advantage of a carefully Managed Recruitment approach that – in some ways – can be a bit of a disadvantage, it’s that you could end up with an employee who’s almost a bit too good.

We’re sure you know what kind of staffer we mean. We’re referring to the true ‘rock star’ employee who surpasses target after target, who’s brilliant at attracting and cultivating lucrative relationships with clients, and who might have become central to your company’s wider success.

Yes, they’re amazing, and you’re hugely thankful for everything they do for you. But are these great qualities precisely why such an employee may suddenly quit on you for pastures new, leaving your business with a seemingly impossible-to-fill vacancy?

The fact of the matter is that no matter how good your managed recruitment approach may be, you still need a strategy for keeping hold of the people who are already on your payroll.

Here are some great tips that will enable you to do just that.


Place A Big Emphasis On Professional Development

The continual development of your employees’ skills isn’t a mere ‘oh, that would be nice to do’ – certainly not if you want to prevent your star personnel being poached by more ambitious firms.

The truth is that capable people do realise when they might have hit a ‘ceiling’ with regard to the skills they could hope to continue growing and gaining in their present role.

By implementing a comprehensive professional development programme, you can help to prevent your best employees ever feeling, ‘ah, isn’t now the right time to move on?’


Build An Inspiring Company Culture

Yeah, you could always invest in a ping pong table or a completely separate breakout area, but we aren’t necessarily talking about that.

What we’re referring to, instead, are the fundamentals – how well supported your employees feel, for example, and whether the working environment at your firm is a respectful one, where managers listen and everyone feels that their contribution is valued.


Give Them The Freedom To Work Remotely

This is an especially vital step to consider taking if some of your star employees are parents or other workers with key obligations outside of work.

Remember that if you don’t give such staffers a certain level of flexibility in terms of when and how they work, there’s a good chance a competitor of yours will be more obliging.

There’s also plenty of evidence that employees who work remotely aren’t just happier – they also work better and longer. So, introducing the remote-working option could benefit your business in so many ways.

Pair strategies like the above with a fastidiously Managed Recruitment Approach as made possible by working with Webrecruit, and your company will be well-placed to keep on top of its staffing needs throughout 2018.

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