Since many years,  Animals have been used for therapy, Study shows that stress reduction can occur after as little as five-ten minutes of interaction with an animal.Animal assist activity both deliver both Physical and Mental therapy as well as entertainment.Petpal therapy delivers animal therapy to the elderly and adults with learning disabilities.

Every year, Nursing Home in Surrey organize Petpals visit and bring their wonderful pets to our home. Residents enjoy the visual stimulation as well as the interactive sessions.

According to research Pets makes a great companion.To healthy individuals, they provide happier, less stressful, and healthier lifestyle. For all these reasons, most of nursing home are starting to incorporate pet therapy into their programs.

The Pet Therapy has following Benefits for Elders living in Nursing Home. Lowering heart rate, Reducing blood pressure, Elevating the mood, Easing depression, Improving relaxation, Reducing physical pain, Easing emotional pain, Reducing aggression and anxiety, Improving social behavior, Increasing social cohesion.

Staying in Nursing Home, elders experience lower self-esteem, this due to they have caregiver and nurses who attend them at every need, elders things that they have lost their independent life at6 nursing home.PetPals therapy gives elders the opportunity to have freedom and responsibility. Pets can give them more purpose and inspiration.

Most of the residents staying in Nursing home can experience depression due to their condition.They spend entire day worrying about their health and their loved ones. Pets can help divert their attention and shift their focus to more positive thoughts. Pets provide distractions to reduce the patients’ stress levels.

Pets Provide the feeling of acceptance to elders living in nursing home. Pets provide unconditional love. They are non-threatening and  Pets don’t put demands.They are super cute and lovable.Pets teach patients to accept their present condition. As residents get older, they tend to lose touch with the family members and friends which make them feel isolated.In Petpal therapy, pets offer affection, companion, and interaction.

Pets needs to be walked, feed and played with .This things can keep elders to be more active. Brushing and petting animals can also improve their mobility.Residents Mental function can increase by talking to pets and caring for them.Residents memory can be stimulated while they plan their care and responds to Pets needs.Pets therapy relieves the stress of residents and help them to achieve better spiritual fulfillment.

According to studies Pets reduces anxiety and agitation that come with Dementia disease. Pets also improve the mood, communication, and social interaction of the patients suffering  from dementia.Apart from anxiety and stress, pet therapy also improve a patient’s nutritional status by increasing his appetite. As a patient’s mood improves, so his appetite too.

Pets Therapy isn’t new, it has been practising for several years .Most of the Nursing Home for Elders in UK , agree to utilize it as part of their patients’ rehabilitation and treatment programs.Pet therapy not only have physical benefits , it also have mental and emotional benefits on elders.

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