Boost your career in Microblading!

If you are ready to give people the perfect eyebrows, it’s time to join the Microblading Academy! You will get certified in the healthiest and most beautiful techniques available today. Our experts will teach you every aspect of skin care and blading technique.

The Microblading Academy has many different course options to help you become a certified microblading technician and learn new skills. There is a six-day intensive class, a three-day basic class, private one-on-one training, and an online refresher class. You can choose the length that works best for your current experience with microblading.

You will have the opportunity to watch a trainer perform the procedure on a live model. But you won’t just watch. We will make sure you know how to give your clients luscious eyebrows. You will practice on paper, latex, and a live model! You will learn how to draw the perfect eyebrow shape for each client and match the stroke patterns on the brow to the gender of clients! If you choose to take the private one-on-one training, you will have the opportunity to practice on as many live models as you need to perfect the art of microblading eyebrows to their fullest potential.

You will be equipped to start practicing your eyebrow art as soon as you finish class. Each student receives a tool kit to get them creating full, natural brows! It includes ten different sizes of blades, a shaping wax pen, two hand tool holders, pigment cups, one aftercare serum, latex practice sheets, a theory manual, and ten special tools designed for the Irina Chen signature method. Your clients will love the results you can achieve with these custom tools.

With all options, you receive one year of support from Irina Chen. From one year of your class, you will have the ability to ask her questions in a private Facebook group. She will respond to your question within 48 hours, ensuring that your clients will get the best possible microblading sessions. She can make recommendations about color choices for clients and the best technique for each brow request a client has.

When you have become experienced enough in microblading, you can take a course to become a certified trainer. You will be able to help others learn the basic techniques of microblading and to increase their proficiency in giving clients the expertly shaped brows they want.

Start your path toward becoming a top microblading artist today! Enroll in the Microblading Academy! Expand your repertoire of salon and spa skills today! Give your clients a more flexible option than tattooed brows. Let your clients experience perfectly shaped brows that don’t need to be recreated every morning. With Irina Chen’s method and tools, you will be able to shape every client’s brows for maximum beauty and minimum fuss.



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