Cafe Desire – Coffee and Tea Vending Machines

A coffee machine or a tea machine is something that every office needs these days to keep their employees focused and perform their works with efficiency. But the advantages of the coffee and tea vending machines do not end there. A coffee maker or tea machine helps you to reduce the cost of the pantry for your office as you will no longer have to bear huge bills of tea, coffee, milk or sugar at the end of every month. All you need are different coffee and tea premixes to enjoy your beverage with a coffee machine.

Furthermore, you will not have to worry about the taste of your tea or coffee when you are using a tea machine or a coffee machine. It will taste exquisite every time unlike the beverages prepared in the pantry. When it comes to getting a coffee maker or a tea maker for your office, the name of Cafe Desire comes above everyone else. We sell as well as offer rental services on most efficient vending machines which will provide you with most flavor some beverages.

From kadak chai vending machine, Bean to cup, Fresh Brew- Filter coffee and Indian Chai vending machine and premix vending machine to Filtant tea & coffee vending machine as well as green tea vending machine, you will never have any problem to find the best coffee maker for your office.

We take pride to announce that Cafe Desire has been awarded high-esteem India’s Most Trusted Brand 2016 and India’s No.1 Brand 2017 award. Well, that’s not the end. Our products are also certified by the prestigious GMP, FSSAI for practising and standing up to good manufacturing standards. So, bring the best coffee machine to your office from Cafe Desire to make sure that your staff and guests get to drink best quality beverages in a cost-efficient way.

Coffee and Tea Premixes                

When you are using a coffee machine or tea machine from Cafe Desire, then you will not have to worry about buying the milk, sugar, tea or coffee and anything else for your office as all you will need to have are different tea or coffee premixes. Apart from the coffee machine and tea machine, we at Cafe Desire also offer you the best-in-class coffee and tea premixes. Whether you want to have instant coffee, cappuccino, low sugar coffee or diet coffee, you can have everything you want with our coffee premix. We also have different types of cardamom, ginger, lemon and Indian tea which will satisfy your taste buds completely. All you will have to do is to add the preferred premixes to your coffee maker to enjoy the beverage. We also offer single-serve sachets which you and your staff will be able to use gladly to make the coffee or tea of your desire by emptying it in the coffee machine. Bid adieu to extra costs and enjoy exquisite beverages by adding the premixes to your coffee maker.

Milk Beverages and Health Drinks

As an employer, it is also important to ensure good health for your employees and you can do that efficiently with the milk beverages and health drinks from Cafe Desire. These beverages also come in the form of premixes; so you will not have to buy anything else. Just put these premixes on your coffee machine or tea machine at the office to give your employees a healthy fix for their cravings for a hot beverage.

From roasted coffee beans to espresso premix to different varieties of cardamom, ginger as well as masala tea, you will have different milk beverage options. With these premixes, you will be able to cater to the requirements of the taste buds of your employees by adding them to the coffee maker or tea machine. Furthermore, we also offer green tea, tomato soup, white malt and choco feast premixes to keep your employees in good shape. Well, you will not have to worry about anything as your Cafe Desire coffee machine or tea machine, will also serve these delicious yet healthy beverages.

You can be sure about the taste and quality of premixes. They are of highest quality and will provide you with consistent taste every day. Your employees will be able to choose the one the beverage they like just by clicking on a button on our coffee maker or tea maker. Plus, you will also be able to create a great impression on your guests by offering them with different milk and healthy beverages instantly with the help of your coffee machine. Add these milk beverages and health drinks to your pantry and keep everyone happy with our Coffee and Tea Vending machines.

Franchise opportunities                              

Cafe Desire leads in the business of installing the coffee machine and tea machine in schools, offices, theatres, shops, colleges and different other places. Hence, we collaborate with different franchises that are highly growth-oriented to install the coffee machine and deliver premixes. The beauty of this business is that by installing tea machine or coffee maker in a shop or office, the franchises will be able to obtain regular orders of beverage premixes. Thus, the profit in this business will never go low as you will always be incoming. With the help of our franchise model, you will be able to own the future and build a great career for yourself.