Career Towards Eyebrows Microblading New Word in Beauty Industry

In the dynamic and rapidly changing society that we live in nowadays, vocational courses have proven to be a short and effective way to success. If you are a college student looking for means of funds while studying, a working mom looking for a side job, or a father looking for an additional source of income, taking up a vocational course can change your life.

Permanent makeup is a relatively new industry that started with simple tattooing and went to become as complex as microblading and eyebrow embroidery. Taking up microblading as a profession guarantees several ways of making additional income, either on your own time as a freelancer or a part-time employee taking an additional job. Worldmicroblading offers you a multitude of cost-effective yet efficient opportunity to pursue your goal.


Founded by Irina Chen, one of the most recognized microblading artists worldwide, Worldmicroblading is a high profile facility that offers Microblading Classes Courses for all levels. They offer their courses in the USA, Europe, Latin America, and Canada. Their repertoire of courses a multitude of condensed classes.

2-Day Classes

This super condensed course is enough to make you ready for your first client and ideal for working people who are only available on weekends. It includes an introduction to microblading, a breakdown of the procedures and ideal working conditions, medical contradictions, techniques, types of tools, a practice session, and a demonstration on a live model by the end of the course.

The 2-Day Classes course comes with a free professional microblading kit and a certificate of completion that you are given at the end of the course. It is enough to cover the fundamental basis of microblading.

3-Day Classes

In addition to what you get with the 2-Day Classes, this advanced package offers an emphasis on practice and achieving perfection. This course expands the experience by giving the trainees the opportunity to practice on a live model and teaches the fundamentals of customer dialogue and consultation. This package is ideal for people who are looking for more than just learning the basis. If you are serious about taking microblading as a profession, the 3-Day Microblading Classes Courses are ideal for you.

6-Day Classes

This intensive training package is a dream for anybody who is truly passionate about permanent makeup embroidery. Made available at less than 6K, it gives you a taste of every tiny detail that you will want to know about before taking your first job as a mcroblading artist. It does not only offer 3 consecutive days of practice on live models but it also a full day dedicated to advanced level skill building. It teaches you the soft somber technique, the Fitzpatrick scale representation, skin undertones presentation, saline removal, and tattoo cover up.

Worldmicroblading provides the ultimate Microblading Classes Courses but the 6-Day Classes course is the best of them all. Apart from being affordable, it gets you ready to work for the finest makeup embroiders or becoming a distinguished artist on your own.



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