Combined Safety Films Provide The Protection Your Building’s Occupants Need

Given the various risks that glass windows can present at your organisation’s premises, it is understandable that you may wish to invest in Combined Safety Films that provide a level of protection against several dangers at the same time.

This is a line of products that we can provide here at Stockfilms, in the form of the highly respected Opalux brand’s multi-laminate combined solar, safety and security films that have found widespread use among Government and commercial organisations.

Our combined safety films are especially frequently chosen by customers that value high-performance safety in their choice of window film, along with the typical benefits of a solar control film.

We have a range of options to suit your needs

When your main priority from a combined safety film is to keep your staff safe as they move around your premises’ glass windows, you may be interested in our 100-micron safety films.These include Silver 20, which provides the benefits of heat and glare control, as well as visual privacy, incorporated into a safety film that will protect your building’s users if they fall against the glass and cause damage.

Our 100-micron Silver 35 option, meanwhile, also provides good glare and heat control, screening potentially harmful UV rays, but allows in a more abundant level of light than Silver 20, while still providing a degree of privacy and physical protection for your building’s occupants.

Or, when you feel that your organisation requires greater privacy from its combined safety films than the products above can provide, you may take an interest in our 150-micron Matt White frosted film, which has a suitably frosted effect.

Finally, we can also give you the benefit of dual-ply 200-micron Silver 20 film, which is designed to protect against both bomb blasts and intruders who may attempt to break the glass to gain entrance. It also screens out 99% of UV radiation to help to minimise the fading and deterioration of your building’s soft furnishings.

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Having been in the window film industry since 1976, Stockfilms has an exceptional reputation for the wholesale distribution of Architectural Window Films, including combined safety films.

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