Don’t Be Without Travel Insurance For Your Autumn Journeys

At this time of year when the weather is just a little milder and the prices for holiday breaks often substantially lower, it can be tempting to book a few days’ off work to go travelling. However, the season in which you enjoy a vacation doesn’t affect one factor: the risk of something happening to you for which you will be glad to have purchased travel insurance.

 Sadly, many people on trips at this time of year – whether for business or pleasure – do not take out travel insurance. They may therefore find themselves in a difficult situation if they need to cancel or curtail their trip due to an illness or injury to themselves or a loved one, or in the event of a serious delay to their outward or return journey, or if someone steals their cash or passport. 

We could outline many more risks, but of course, here at Ibex Insurance Services, we aren’t here to merely describe those risks to you – we’re here to protect you against them, with the highest standard of Travel Insurance in Spain  , Portugal or Gibraltar.

What Does A Travel Insurance Policy From Us Cover?

At the most basic level, there are two levels of cover from which you can choose here at Ibex – Ibex Standard and Ibex Super.

Our Standard travel insurance is in many ways far from standard – after all, it protects you against such wide-ranging risks as cancellation, curtailment, emergency medical expenses, permanent disability, lost limbs, missed departure, baggage delay and many more.

However, it’s true that our Super cover is the one to choose if you want the very highest level of protection you could conceivably require. It gives you €5,000 of protection against cancellation or curtailment, for instance, versus just €2,000 for both of those things if you just go for the Standard cover.

Talk To Us Now About Your Travel Insurance Needs

You’ll find a more extensive guide to the differences between the two levels of cover on our website, as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, ranging from “Am I covered for travel in my home country?” to “Can I cancel my policy?”

Or why not simply request a quote from the friendly and professional Ibex team today? Whatever your requirements in relation to Expat Travel Insurance Spain, Portugal or Gibraltar, we are always on standby to give you the benefit of the very greatest peace of mind.