Don’t Risk It! Invest In Travel Insurance For The Utmost Protection

There are plenty of things to consider before settling on a travel insurance policy, extending well beyond such basics as what country you will be visiting and for how long you will be gone.

However, this shouldn’t deter you from obtaining insurance at all. Being left uninsured could leave you with enormous legal costs to pay, many of your treasured possessions gone forever, or even life-threatening injuries.

Ibex Insurance Services offers many different types of bespoke insurance, including travel insurance that can help to prevent you from feeling stranded. Here are just a few reasons why the right travel insurance could be a godsend for you and your family.

It covers the loss of your baggage

Our insurance covers expatriate residents in Portugal, Gibraltar and Spain, but that doesn’t mean that’s where our insurance cover ends. For instance, our policies can cover the cost of lost or stolen baggage when travelling elsewhere.

The same cover applies for your passport, too. Replacing a passport can be a chore and cost an arm and a leg, but a great travel insurance policy will ensure you’re never short of cash to replace it.

It gives peace of mind in case you’re in an accident

Medical emergencies can happen. Here’s hoping that you never have to deal with something as severe as a broken leg or loss of sight while you’re abroad, but these sorts of injuries are made 10 times scarier when they happen in an unfamiliar country.

Ibex can cover the costs of any unnecessary expenditure of this nature while you’re away, such as a car or motorcycle accident or personal injury. Our insurance encompasses a wide variety of different vehicles – after all, without ample protection for your vehicles, a crash could leave you in a tight spot.

Insurance doesn’t just cover misfortune for which you are completely blameless. If you are culpable for an accident that causes an injury to somebody else, you can also get a policy that helps to cover legal costs.  

Talk to Ibex about the complete travel insurance policy

Not only can we provide comprehensive travel Insurance In Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar for expatriates, but we can also keep their cars, motorcycles and yachts protected, to say nothing of our impressively comprehensive business insurance and pet cover.

Learn more about why Ibex Insurance Services really is the best choice in expatriate insurance by getting in touch today.

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