Even Employees Who Stay With You Can Be Affected By Attrition

A high level of employee attrition in a company is one of the biggest reasons Recruitment Firms like Webrecruit get approached. It’s a struggle that all too many business owners are familiar with, to the extent of some organisations being forced to replace the equivalent of their entire workforce each year.


Such extreme attrition rates – combined with the many months that it can take to find and train up a replacement for every departing staffer – makes it all the more crucial to determine both the causes and effects of attrition.


One of the often-overlooked factors is the impact that attrition has on those who stay at a firm.


Don’t Overlook Overworked And Anxious ‘Stayers’


In high-turnover industries, those who stay with a firm can often feel penalised for doing so, as when a colleague of theirs leaves, they may be forced to take on some of the former worker’s duties with no additional compensation. They may also be called upon to train up and compensate for any lack of skill in new hires.


It should hardly be surprising, then, that so many ‘stayers’ can find themselves feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. Such disgruntlement could have implications for the entire dynamic of your workforce.


While many employers try to overcome this problem by working with recruitment firms to quickly get new hires in, their hastiness may simply make it more likely that they take on inadequate replacements. Furthermore, any newcomers may be influenced by senior employees’ frustrations, which can help to keep the cycle of attrition churning.


Leavers’ Can Have A Damaging Influence On Your ‘Stayers’


If a worker leaves your company for what their colleagues perceive to be a better opportunity, morale at your firm can be greatly adversely affected. The greater the level of turnover in your company, the greater the opportunity is for ‘leavers’ to influence your ‘stayers’, the ripple effect potentially keeping your firm’s attrition levels high.


It should be noted that not all attrition is bad for a company. If an unreliable or underperforming staffer leaves your firm, you are presented with a golden chance to replace them with the best quality talent.


But of course, this is far from the case for every ‘leaver’, which only makes it all the more crucial to carefully consider your company culture and what measures you are taking to help preserve employee satisfaction levels.

It also helps to have a well-established and effective hiring strategy in place – so why not contact Webrecruit now about what assistance of Recruitment Experts we can provide as one of the leading recruitment firms?


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