EventBH– A Robust Lead Retrieval System

Losing out even a single potential lead at a trade show can affect your event return on investment, hugely. A better booth lead management technique and software for an exhibitor plays a vital role in capturing and generating a well qualified leads data, in very less time.


Leads Management Software -EventBH


EventBH – a powerful lead management software from EventBH can be used by event planners and exhibitors for all event sizes, be it a seminar, trade show, expo, B2B conferences, etc.


  •         It can be optimized as per your business profile in a few simple steps from your iOS or Android devices.

  •         It seamlessly scans unique QR codes, captures and stores leads, syncs the attendee data with your set parameters and segments it, to have a list of qualified leads.

  •         It effortlessly connects you with the matched businesses on social media channels to have more engagements with them.

  •         Automated follow-up messages can be sent to the attendees to build strong professional relationships with them.

  •         One can rate a lead very easily by rating its profile according to one’s business needs. This feature helps in capitalizing on the lead in future events with different needs.

  •         One can set reminders to different leads from time to time to promote one’s new product or services launches.


EventBH App Installation


The installation of EventBH App on your smartphone is a bit easy. You have to just enter your details and in a few minutes, you are ready to use it. All data-base captured is integrated with Salesforce, which helps in better leads management through quality engagement with leads, decision making and planning to improve the event ROI. It is a lead retrieval system which can also be used for CEUs/ CME credits optimization and other booth attendance certifications.


Better Business prospects


Maximizing ROI has been always the ultimate goal of every event organizer, exhibitor and for attendees also.  Retrieving all your valuable leads in an organized way, through a robust event management software like EventBH, surely provides quality insights for better leads conversions and business opportunities to all people – attending an event with a strong business purpose.