Eyebrow Microblading

In the field of beauty, there are several methods of eyebrow enhancement.  If someone isn’t happy with the way their eyebrows look, don’t worry there are ways to fix the problem.  Many women struggle with self-esteem and low confidence because of thinning or misshapen eyebrows, so for there to be ways to fix these issues is very empowering for many.  Here is a list of a few of the ways to enhance one’s eyebrows.


·         Make-up:  This is likely the most common means of improving the looks of your eyebrows and it can be pretty effective.  However, it is time-consuming, can look unnatural and takes lots of maintenance.


·         Extensions: These are extensions are made of hair and are glued into the existing eyebrows and onto the skin.  If applied correctly, extensions can be pretty effective.  The downside is that they are high maintenance and only last a week or so before needing to be redone.


·         Tattooing:  This is a more advanced method that uses a machine to literally tattoo brows onto your forehead.  It can be very effective, however, many look unnatural and if your practitioner isn’t really good it can leave with worse brows than before.


·         Microblading:  Eyebrows microblading is the most advanced technique available for eyebrow enhancement.  It is a form of tattooing but is done manually with specialized equipment and techniques. This method yields the most natural looking and low maintenance eyebrows in the industry. 


So what makes microblading so much better than the other methods?


·         Most natural looking eyebrows.

·         Semi-permanent

·         The technique is the most advanced method.

·         Affordable

·         Gives you the very best looking eyebrows possible.


Eyebrows microblading is light years ahead of any other method.  The techniques, the low-maintenance, the natural look that is near impossible to distinguish from your real hair, and the value for your money all make this method the gold standard in eyebrow enhancement.







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