Few things Application Performance Monitoring Can’t Tell You

In recent years the application performance monitoring has become increasingly used by lots of vendors and there are many useful tools associated with it. Perhaps it is well defined as anything that has to do with monitoring the performance of a particular website or even an application. There are many monitoring solutions which also include code level performance data. And at the same time, it is essential that you have to know few things that the application performance monitoring can’t tell you at all. Fortunately, you are in the right place where you are going to explore many different things related to it.

·         The APM is also good at utilizing a time that will help in utilizing maximum out of it. Furthermore, it takes the assistance of certain agents that need to be installed on the application nodes. Perhaps there are some sort of operators which do not have the capacity to install the nodes by themselves. Therefore, to determine the real value of an APM, it is essential that you have to spend quality time that will help in building logics as well as rules related to it.

·         A very big thanks to the application performance monitoring as it has the capability to find the root cause as well as analyze the resource stress very easily. Therefore, it alerts you whenever there is an issue with this sort of applications and at the same time stops short of revealing the “why” when the problem is with the underlying infrastructure. It can even find the app transactions, but it truly objects the infrastructure layer activity or even bottlenecks.

·         Even though the APM tools have the capacity to facilitate you with an application-centric review, but there are no chances to find the application as well as its infrastructure dependency. This case is true, especially with virtualized environment considering the infrastructure to be obscured. And this type of visualized applications has become more popular making APM to identify the underlying infrastructure.

·         It does not show you the infrastructure that you require in order to start operating various applications. Suppose if you are using APM it will simply help in the act as the key server and does not cover in each and every application server as well as the data centers. Perhaps you will not be given even a single clue about your infrastructure and can never help in planning the right size of the data center.

·         While doing so you are more likely to get related to the correlate problems throughout the stacks. Making use of the application performance monitoring will never enable you to know about its outcomes. And it is completely dependent on a variable component that also includes an application server, web server and many more. Perhaps you will know which web server has stopped its functioning, but it is truly impossible to identify the reason behind it.

If you are an application manager then it is truly essential that you have to know all these things before you could actually start operating on it. Therefore, it is essential to concentrate on all these aspects as this will keep you ahead of potential problems and give you perfect solutions.

About the author – Preeti Rawat, a business analytics software consultant helping you to choose among best Real User Monitoring tools and User Experience Analytics software.