How many companies in our country have and implement strict environmental policies? Just 18% of them. Most of them do not want to invest time, money and other resources for the environment. But going paperless, doesn’t just help the environment, it helps the companies too.

Most companies assume it’s expensive to go paperless. US business spent about $8 Billion annually just managing paper. A study done by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency found the average employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper in a year with almost 70% of that ending up in trash. Although the cost of buying paper is relatively inexpensive, the cost of storing, copying, printing and disposing could be upto 31 times the cost of purchasing. By going paperless, they can save upto 80% of that expenditure.

Every company aspires for maximized efficiency. A survey by the National Association of Professional Organizers concluded that 27% of employees feel disorganized at work, 91% of them would be more efficient if the workspaces were better organized, 55% said they would save 45 – 75 minutes each day. It’s estimated that this time costs businesses upto $4000 per year when earning $35000 per year and $8125 per year when earning $65000 per year.

The solution lies in implementing a Business Process Management System. Of the many applications it has, it can help convert information from hardcopy to electronic forms, manage and systemize files and content, develop strategies to output key information for clients & provide security for the information. One of the most important applications of this system is that it also provides instant access to information needed to complete tasks which helps in streamlining workloads.

As a matter of fact, Bizbee provides the perfect platform to implementing the solution. Bizbee offers more than 150 built-in apps for every business category ranging from Event Management, Sales, Real Estate to Legal & Finance.

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