Going the extra mile with digital marketing

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing,” as quoted by Tom Fishburne, shows how smooth and effortless good marketing needs to be. Fishburne has himself combined marketing with cartooning, and calls himself a ‘Marketoonist.’ Why? Well, because the second marketing looks forced, harsh or artificial, the customer loses interest.

Today, age-old marketing tactics do no good for modern firms and marketers. Although several companies still play the game by the same rules, it really gets them nowhere. Good marketing in today’s day is not restricted to a box; it is not even ‘thinking outside the box’ but literally going haywire with your thoughts! Because the idea that you think is a multi-million one, chances are someone somewhere may already be in the process of executing it! It is impossible to be aware of the small progress being made across the globe and hence thinking and acting on an idea immediately is very crucial. At our firm, ‘199 Creative’, we go all the way to make companies better, more visible and loved by their customers. Excelling in the fields of digital and social media marketing along with other relevant activities, we make sure we boost your brand with creativity and ensure customers never see you in the same way again! A dedicated internet marketing firm, 199 Creative boasts of many happy customers who have loved our ideas and have managed to grow digitally with our assistance. So, what makes us different from the innumerable firms that offer creative services to their clients? Well, we just go that extra mile and add that extra spark to make your firm truly stand out. Moreover, with so many different services available under a single roof, one really does not have to look any further when it comes to growing in the digital marketing domain.

At 199 creative, we have a dedicated team that looks after internet marketing like seo activities, and social media visibility and growth. Apart from services like website designing, business tools creation and cryptocurrencies, we also engage in building and promoting mobile applications and M-commerce solutions. As a small company that started in 2011 in Tampa, we have come a long way and made our impact across several states. 199 Creative, a search engine marketing firm headed by our Founder and CEO, Alexander Elbanna is now a sought-after name in the industry. With companies in Pittsburgh, PA, Tampa, FL, Sarasota, FL, St. Petersburg, FL and Clearwater, FL, we have managed to make a difference to many growing and established companies over the years.


Going ahead, 199 Creative plans to take up more challenges, diversify its offerings, specialize in other related domains and become an admirable name across the globe. Another key factor that makes us different from any other digital marketing or creative agency is that we not only evaluate the keyword performance of your site but also do the extra bit of looking at what your competitors are doing and where are they headed to put you ahead of all others. We really keep going until our client is happy and do not hesitate to custom-create plans to achieve just what the customer desires!


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