Heavy Reductions In Prices Across Our Wivamac Zebrano Lathe Range

Few investments in your Woodturning practice are as great or as important as your choice of lathe, which is why here at The ToolPost, we always think long and hard about the lathes that we offer to our loyal and valued customers. It also explains Wivamac lathes being such a prominent part of our online product selection – and on that front, we’ve got some great news for you.

The news in question is that we have significantly reduced the prices across our Wivamac lathes range for 2018, which means a truly professional, precision-engineered and fastidiously-built lathe can be yours for a much more affordable price than hitherto.

What makes Wivamac lathes so special?

We do have a fair bit of history with Wivamac here at The ToolPost, beyond serving as distributors for their products – we have known the founder of Wivamac, Willy Vanhoutte, for many years, and have long owned and used such Wivamac lathes as the DB1200 and DB6000, the direct predecessors of the Zebrano range, for our own projects as woodturning enthusiasts and professionals.

Wivamac’s new Zebrano range of lathes, however, is especially formidable. The lathes available under this name share a common physical structure, but with many different options for bed lengths, drive packages, options and accessories.

Choose a Wivamac Zebrano lathe, and you can expect such benefits as cast iron construction with a deep bed, heavily cross-braced for enhanced longitudinal and torsional stiffness, as well as a headstock that can be positioned anywhere on the bed and rotated to any comfortable working position.

Such a lathe also gives you the advantage of full electronic variable speed control driving through a five-speed pulley system, giving an infinite variation of spindle speed from 60 to 3600 rev/min.

Now, all of those features – plus a 10-year warranty except for electrical/electronic components – can be yours for less than you might have ever thought would be possible in 2018.

Pick up your ideal Wivamac lathe or accessories today at these new lower prices

Whatever Wivamac Zebrano lathe in our range you may have long had your eye on, now is the time to buy. The ZX600-1HP-B bench-mounted lathe, for example, was previously priced at £4,428.27, but can now be yours for just £3,659.72.

There is also a broad selection of floor-mounted models – priced to include the floor stand – included in the Wivamac Zebrano range, with the excellent-value ZX600-1HP lathe having previously been offered for £5,015.45, only to now be available at just £4,145.

Or perhaps you are in the market for an accessory such as the 600mm extension bed, which can be mounted as an extension to either end of the bed or as a bowl turning bed, perpendicular to the main bed? Having been on sale in our store for £625.46 in 2017, this year, you can have it for a mere £516.91.

We could go on and on listing examples, but a much broader complement of Wivamac Zebrano products – and their associated prices – can be found online right now here at The ToolPost. Make the most of such remarkable value now to help to ensure that your own woodturning endeavours in 2018 get off to the finest possible start!  

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