Here’s What Your Firm Needs To Know About Generation

One of the big things that Recruitment Experts across the globe have to grapple with, is the matter of how they can best target and cater to the needs of jobseekers of certain generations. This, in turn, can understandably lead to a fair bit of stereotyping.

Consider those who can be described as the ‘post-Millennial’ generation, for example, or Generation Z. These are the people who were born roughly between the late 1990s or early 2000s and the mid-2010s.

Are they simply even more tech-savvy versions of Millennials, or is there something else that you need to know about members of Generation Z as more and more of them enter the job market for the first time?

Yes, They’re Pretty Well-Connected

Let’s tackle one of the most obvious things first: yes, Generation Z is an extremely well-connected generation from a technological point of view.

It is, after all, the first true ‘digital native’ generation, consisting of those who are constantly surrounded by instantly-accessible technology and were born after the advent of the World Wide Web.

This certainly has big implications for how members of this cohort work, play, socialise and everything else. This is a very collaborative generation indeed, so if your firm can get ahead in its investments in the latest collaborative tools and technologies such as messaging apps and training software, there are potentially massive benefits to be had.

But Security and Stability Are Big Priorities, Too

Given that this was the generation that grew up amid the commencement of global terrorism and the late 2000s recession, it’s hardly surprising that so many of them don’t take too much in their lives for granted. Employment is no different.

Statistics indicate that this is a very committed generation with a strong work ethic, to such an extent that more than eight in 10 of them would choose the perfect job over the perfect relationship.

Investment In Training Could Get The Best Out Of These Workers

A study by business electronics firm Ricoh uncovered Interesting Insights About Generation Z Workers – not least their awareness of their need to develop certain skills.

It is according to this research that more than half (55%) of Generation Z think their face-to-face communication skills could do with improvement, while other areas of perceived weakness include communicating with colleagues in a professional manner (48%), resolving conflicts or disagreements (47%) and meeting deadlines (37%).

There’s obvious scope, then, for your business to attract and get the most out of such workers in part by offering training and development opportunities that match the above framework.

Is your company ready to tap into the full potential of Generation Z workers as they flood into the job market over the next few years? Remember that here at Webrecruit, our recruitment experts are always on standby to assist in sourcing the right talent for your firm’s vacancies.

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