How Do Our Part Load Removals To Switzerland Work?

Switzerland is certainly a fascinating and rewarding country in which to live. This sophisticated and diverse nation is famed for its cosmopolitan and historic cities, interesting culture, railways, chocolate, cheese and watches. It also goes without saying that when you wish to move your possessions from the UK to your new Swiss home, you will want to use only the most reputable firm.

However, if you make Simpsons Removals your chosen partner, you will also have another big decision to make – whether to use our dedicated load or part load service.

A dedicated load service may not be right for you

Our dedicated load removals are for those who want to have it all in their chosen delivery service, and are happy to pay a little more to get it.

It’s the service to choose when you want to be able to watch your goods being loaded safely into the removals vehicle, before you travel directly to your new Switzerland home in time to see the vehicle arrive to unload.

It’s a brilliant service, but if you are on a tighter budget, can afford to be relaxed with regard to exactly when your goods arrive, or simply only have a small number of items to transport, our part load service suddenly begins to appear the more logical option.

What’s involved when you request a part load removal?

Our part load service isn’t completely different to our dedicated load one – a fixed date is still provided for the collection of your goods, while the removals process can also incorporate a period of storage.

However, a part load service from us does differ in certain key ways from a dedicated load removal, being priced lower and having a slightly longer lead time to delivery. Basically, once your consignment has been collected from your UK home, it will be stored at our premises until we can schedule it into a delivery run.

Our vehicles leave the UK every two to three weeks throughout the year, with each delivery run taking between five and 12 days, depending on such factors as the number of deliveries made and where consignments are being delivered. It isn’t only Part Load Removals To Switzerland that we offer, with other common destinations including France, Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

With each of our delivery runs needing to be carefully planned to cover various locations, it’s important to be as flexible as possible about the delivery date if you choose our part load service. If you are unable to accept delivery as planned, it may take another two to three weeks for us to deliver the consignment.

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Nonetheless, we are confident that you will make Simpsons Removals your preferred professional movers when you are overseeing your move to Switzerland! 

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