We realise here at Chelmsford Gas Services that you may have been quoted a wide range of prices for Domestic Gas Installation In Chelmsford, or for that matter, for all manner of other repair or servicing jobs where costs may not always be easy to predict or control.

That’s why you may be interested in knowing more about how we price domestic gas jobs, and what we do to make sure you get the very best value.

An hourly rate guarantees fairness for small jobs

While you may see many references to quotations on our site, not all of the jobs that we undertake require a quote at all. Indeed, for small jobs that will only require between one and four hours of our (and your) time, such as a quick boiler repair or the installation of one or two radiators, we have developed a good-value hourly rate system.

A minimum charge of one hour applies to all of our domestic gas jobs – after which, we charge such work in 15-minute increments. Before starting work, we will provide you with an estimated time period that we expect the given job to take, and it’s important to note that all rates also include VAT.

Such an hourly rate system for all investigation, repair, servicing and small installation work helps to ensure fairness for all of our customers, as they will only need to pay for the time required to complete the job.

A larger project calls for a more fastidious approach

However, if you have previously asked a company like ours to undertake domestic gas installation in Chelmsford, you will know that the necessary work can sometimes take more than just a few hours. We may need to work in your home all day or even for longer, in which case, you will be pleased to learn about the free site survey and advice that we can provide.

This service is, again, geared towards ensuring that you get only the very best value out of whatever gas work you may request from us. We will discuss with you, for example, the various options available for your installation, so that you can choose the system that is most cost-effective in accordance with all of your other practical needs.

We will then be able to present you with a competitive quotation which, if accepted, we will then act on to complete the installation within two to three weeks of order.

Find out more about our domestic pricing

To establish exactly how much you may pay for your next domestic gas installation in Chelmsford, please Visit Our Domestic Pricing Page, where we will give you the lowdown on some of the other fees that may apply for your project.

Here at Chelmsford Gas Services, we’ll do everything possible to ensure you benefit from the right gas work in your home, at the right standard and for the right price!

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