How Social Media Marketing Works?

How Social Media Marketing Works?


If you are familiar with digital marketing industry and internet world. Then you might have heard about social media marketing or SMM.


Today every person on internet want to have presence on facebook, twitter and other popular social media sites. So it’s obvious for businesses to show their presence too.


Now more companies are coming forward and showing interest in social media marketing and PPC marketing. As per one report, this year number of businesses started social media marketing pittsburgh campaign and ppc websites pittsburgh campaign is highest of all time.


But not every person has a full idea of social media marketing and its reach.


That’s why here today we are giving brief introduction of social media marketing.


Social media marketing is basically all types of paid and free marketing, advertising and promotion of products and services happens on all social media sites.


As we know all social media sites works by their content updation, such as text post, image post or video post, so they won’t charge you anything for adding any sorts of new post, which in your case posts related to your business. It also help link build and back link generation which support your SEO efforts.


Let’s take a example of Facebook.


Facebook provide the simplest form of social media marketing. In many ways, facebook articles and posts can serve as an extension of traditional media. If you’ve ever come across a facebook likes, comments and share option at the end of any facebook post, you will see its strategy of social media marketing.

Today it has become increasingly important to have a presence on social networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to these well known social networks, there are also other specialized social networks which are also decent place to set up camp for specific products and services.


Social network not only give the you a place to get the word out, it also provide a place to interact with your clients via posts and comments and allow them to interact with each other. This can be a great starting point for the advertising and branding with only grassroots effort.


For this case let’s take example of Linkedin.


Linkedin has also picked up a lot of steam from the last year for being a great place for social media marketing. While linkedin has grown far beyond its usual roots, here it is important to think of your company’s linkedin profile similar to a company’s website. Although your primary purpose is marketing and branding, it is just as important to add a genuity and personal touch to company profile rather than relying on regular repeated blogs.


In addition to growing a number of likes, share and followers, facebook, twitter and linkedin can be particularly effective when interacting with fans and clients via chat box and other ways. Because more you interact with them, the more brand loyalty you will build.


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