How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Lemon Kratom Tea?

Kratom is known for many of its therapeutic benefits. For thousands of years, the leaves were chewed raw, now they are being grounded into powder or encapsulated or processed to extract the alkaloids. However, the most popular way to enjoy it in a cup of steaming tea!

Does Heating Kratom Reduce Its Potency?

No, it doesn’t. On the contrary, it helps in releasing the alkaloids fast and gives you a quick result. It gets to dissolve in the bloodstream within a few minutes and start relieving.

So, How Do We Prepare A Cup of Lemon Kratom Tea?

If you don’t want to wash it down your throat with a gulp of water and enjoy its progressive effects, then a mug of warm Lemon Kratom Tea is what you need.  It is actually quite simple, and you can always add your favorite flavors to perfect it to your taste.

Things You Need

·         Saucepan

·         Strainer

·         Water: 1 ½ cups.

·         High-quality Kratom Powder: Desired Dose.

·         Lemon: 1.

·         Cinnamon/Honey: (Optional).


a.      Start simmering the water in the saucepan. Squeeze the lemon into it. 

b.      Add the kratom powder to it.

c.       Stir it and let it simmer for 10 minutes more.

d.      Take the saucepan off the heat and strain the liquid into your cup. It helps to keep your tea sediment free. You may also use a coffee filter paper.

e.      Add some honey or cinnamon if you like.

f.        Enjoy it in your armchair with some nice music!

It is the best way to relax with a nice warm cup of Lemon Kratom tea. If you don’t like the bitter aftertaste then you may add some honey to it or try some Milkshakes or some yummy Kratom Breakfast Recipes.

Note. One can further use the sieved kratom. Effect-wise, it will be weaker but still useable.



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