How To Create Custom Google Home Alarms

Google Home, a smart speaker, that has made your life very easy. It is advice that controls all your smart home devices and lets you do everything while sitting at a couch and without even pressing a button. You just need to speak what you want to do from your Google Home SetupYour Home comes loaded with features and many functionalities explored and not explored. One of these functionalities is its alarm which has still been underutilized. Now you will say that al alarm doesn’t need many features and it needs just a loud voice at a specific time. But if you want to wake up by a musical or any custom sound with the help of your Google Home, then we will tell the simplest way for it. Although you can also take Google Home Support.


This workaround needs the same thing that you will need for getting notifications on Google Home, it means you will need an Android device to make it work.

Along with it you will need a Tasker app that can easily find at Google Play Store for $2.99. this app is like IFTTT on your phone. By using tasks and profile you can industrialize certain action that are based on location, time, and state of your device.

You will also need Auto Cast, which is a plug in that works with Tasker that allow you to start streaming automatically to the devices that cast enabled and are on same wireless network.

After that you will need music, a podcast or an audio file that you want to be played and will be stored locally on your Android device Guidance from Google Home Help can be taken.

Creating Custom Alarm for Google Home

Creating a custom alarm for your Google Home doesn’t require any special setup rather it just takes 5 to 10 minutes. After its initial set up managing the Google Home alarm will be as easy as managing alarm for your Android device. Here are steps that you should follow for creating a custom alarm or you can also take Google Home Com Support:

  • Select profiles tab from Tasker.
  • At the bottom of the app click on the plus sign.
  • Select Event > Date/Time > Alarm Clock. Set the Alarm.
  • Click the back button to return to the Profiles tab.
  • A drop down menu will appear and ask you to select a task. Select New Task by clicking on the plus sign.
  • Give a name to the task and check mark the to start building a task.
  • For selecting an action click on the plus sign at the bottom. Click Plugin > Auto cast.
  • In Auto Cast edit the task. Click on pencil icon beside Configuration.