How to Get Quick Followers on Instagram in 2019?

Do you want to gain more followers on Instagram? Then you should read this article. In this article, you would find some interesting ways which you can follow this year to gain more followers on Instagram.

Nobody can deny the fact that Instagram has become the best platform for brands of all shape and sizes. In fact, many of the small and big brands are quite active on Instagram. While it is not easy to get the highly engaging audience for growing the brand image on Instagram. However, if you are still looking to get followers on Instagram for enhancing your brand, then you can follow the steps shown in this article:

Step 1: For growing 0 to 100 followers

If you have recently built an account on Instagram and would like to gain some initial boost to gain followers, then you can make use of the Instagram tools or applications, using which you can instantly build a quick following on Instagram. However, you wouldn’t have any benefit until you have genuine followers on Instagram.

Initially, you can contact your Facebook friends and other friends though their contacts. That way you can transfer your influence of other social media to your Instagram. While you can also give special offers to your customers and encourage them to follow your brand on Instagram.

If you have an online website, then you can add an Instagram button on your page. This would help you to attract your genuine customers as they can also follow your brand on Instagram.

Step 2: Growing followers to 1.0k

Now you have already crossed the benchmark of having 100 Instagram followers, but the things won’t be going to be easy for you. The real struggle to gain followers would start from here only.

Here are shown some tips that you can try to gain quick followers.

  • You can follow other popular brands on Instagram (50k+ followers) having the same niche as yours. That would help you to identify the audience which you want to target on Instagram.

  • If you would follow others on Instagram, you can get follow back in return also. While you can unfollow those, who are not following you in return.

  • You can also make use of the tools to check your genuine followers on Instagram. That way, it would be easier for you to target your potential lead on Instagram which you can later convert into real deals.

In an ideal case, even if most of the people wouldn’t follow your brand, there is still a certainty that you could get at least 20% of following in return.

Step 3: Grow up to 5k Followers

Now that you have got a good foundation on Instagram, you need to increase the strength of that foundation. To attract the attention of the audience on your post, you should start using engagement groups. Being part of engagement groups would help you to grow your influence on Instagram.

While you can invest a bit more on your brand ads, as you can create attractive images and video adverts in which you can also take the help of other Instagram influencers. That way you could be able to grab more attention of viewers on your Instagram adverts.

Step 4: Growing up to 10k followers

Reaching the mark of 10k Instagram followers is like a magical moment. Now you could be able to add links in your Instagram stories, and you can also monetize your account to earn from Instagram branding. While you can also invite others influencers or host giveaways, with offers, prize and many other attractive deals to gain more and more followers.

Step 5: Growing more than 20k and many more beyond that

Hitting the mark of 10k is like the first milestone while reaching the figure of 20k followers is another milestone which shows the success of your brand on Instagram. You can still grow as far as you can. While you need to promote your brand on a larger scale.

You can make use of social media, blogs, shout outs and other channels to boost the popularity of your brand on Instagram.


This is how you could be able to gain Instagram followers. However, the path of growing Instagram followers is never going to be easy. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. Most of them would like to show their engagement on brands available on Instagram which makes it one of the best marketing platform as well.