How to Start Your Exercise with Free Standing Pull Up Bar?

No matter which is your starting point or whether you’re a man or woman, you can do pull ups just like else. All you need is will to do pull ups. It’s never a requirement to follow the progression up to exactly. As long as you are using free standing pull up bar and chin up bar , you will get your end results and great abs.


We know pull-ups can be tough, and it’s a great goal to work towards. If someone is struggling to get pull-ups and want to learn how, here we have provided few tips that specifically digs into how to start doing perfect pull-ups along.


In order to complete a pull up, the more we weigh, the more we have to lift


Although this is obvious, if you’re really serious about completing a pull up, start by getting your diet under control. Now we are a huge fan of the Paleo Diet, because we know it works. A few folks have already lost 20+ pounds in just over a week following the Paleo Diet. As we start to weigh less, we’ll have less weight to pick up and move up over that bar!


Make back exercises a priority


Many people do every other exercise before doing any back-related exercises, only if they do any at all. But that’s not going to help you in long run. So after warming up properly, our first exercise should always be the stuff that we want to work on the most – in this case it’ll be our back.


Make a check marks for end goals


In order to move up to the next level, we recommend, start doing 4 sets of 7 reps of a particular exercise. If you are still not satisfied then you can improve it by doing 4 sets of 4 reps.


Do negatives if possible


Now if you have a decent amount of back strength, doing negatives is a great way to build back and arm strength.


Here we can either jump above the pull up bar, and then begin to lower ourselves back down in control, or we can hop up on a chair to get above the bar and then lower ourselves back down. We don’t need to lower ourselves so slowly that one repetition destroys us. So we lower ourselves in a controlled speed by counting to three during the movement is a good tempo.


For negative pull ups, do as many as you can (up to 4 reps) per set – jump and lower yourself with patience, then jump right back up and lower yourself.  If you can do 4, wait 3 minutes and then start again.  If you can’t do 4, do as many as you can in control, wait 3 minutes and then start again. Once you’re doing 4 sets of 7 repetitions on your negative pull ups, along with your assisted chin ups and bodyweight rows, then consider yourself ready for end game.


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