How You Can Legally Protect Yourself With Car Insurance In Spain

If you are preparing to move to Spain, one of the most important – albeit, often overlooked – things to remember is the need for car insurance that will be valid in your new country.

In Spain, it is illegal to drive a car that you have not insured; the least you will need is third-party liability cover. However, this only begins to explain why, with assistance from our team here at Ibex Insurance Services, you can reap great returns from Car Insurance In Spain.

Keep yourself well-versed in Spanish law

An obvious reason to take out car insurance in Spain is that it is legally necessary; however, it is worth taking account of the intricacies of Spanish law before you purchase a policy. You should, for example, consider that the country has three different police forces.

These are known as the Guardia Civil, the Policia Local and the Policia National. Any of these forces, should they stop you while you are driving a car on a Spanish road, have the right to inspect your vehicle. Should they find that your insurance coverage is lacking, they can impose a big fine or impound the vehicle. So, the onus is on you to be prepared.

Keep the following documents with you

Once you have obtained a car insurance policy that you know to be valid for use in Spain, you need to check that you have all of the relevant documents at close hand in the vehicle. That way, you can show them to any of the above-mentioned police forces should they ask for them.

Those documents include not only your driving licence, but also your ficha tecnica – that’s a log book – and car registration details, known in Spanish as permiso de circulación. You also need to have a certificate of roadworthiness and a passport or residency card or certificate.


Whatever insurance policy you have, we would always urge you to keep a copy of it in your car. You must also keep a copy of the most recent receipt that shows you paid for the insurance.

As for how you can minimise the cost of your car insurance in Spain… well, Ibex Insurance Services is continually on hand to guide you through your options and secure you the best possible deal.

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