Importance of network traffic manager and network load balancing solutions

The Network traffic manager play important role in avanu networking systems and services. Which  allows you to control the distribution of user traffic and also Remove the unwanted traffic which is harmful to overall network systems.

The Network traffic manager and Network load balancing solutions shows the causes of Network failure or network congestion. it is important to check and measures network traffic to  Avoid network failures.

The network traffic manager provides high availability for your applications by checking  your endpoints and provides automatic failover when an endpoint goes down.It checks all the user come across the network, to increase networks bandwidth. Network traffic manager  monitors the traffic to increase the performance,  Detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues. The network load balancing solutions able to manage the traffic across the WAN(wide area network). Which is commonly used to provide network redundancy .

Clusters can use network load balancing  methods where by simultaneous cluster request are spread between cluster servers. clusters are created by joining multiple servers.

The Microsoft has also purchased a technology that it renamed Network Load Balancing (NLB) that allows for efficient utilization of multiple network cards. The Network Load Balancing  can be verified  in unicast mode  or in multicast mode. In unicast mode MS Network Load Balancing reassigns the station’s MAC address to a virtual MAC address and all Network Interface Card in the Network Load Balancing cluster use this same MAC address.

Another option is to make Network Load Balancing in multicast mode. The unicast IPv4 address of the cluster is linked with multicast MAC address. The hosts in the cluster will never send traffic to the switch using this MAC address with the cluster IPv4 address so one would need to create a static ARP entry on the router (layer 3) in the attached network.

The Avanu  offers better cost saving  network load balancing solutions as well as highly  productive Network traffic Management services. By using network load balancing methods  you can block unwanted Network access From specific Ip ports. Traffic  Manager and NLB allows you to configure and manage multiple clusters. and all of the cluster’s hosts from a single remote or local computer. Also allow to operate all clusters from single remote or local computer.

You can do planned maintenance on your application without any downtime by transferring  traffic to alternative networks by using network traffic manager.

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