Insurance Is An Essential Investment For Your Expat Business

When you have only recently moved to pastures new, and when those pastures new are overseas – somewhere like Spain or Portugal – it should go without saying that anything that could help to relieve your day-to-day stress could be well worth investigating.

Such is the case with Ibex Insurance Services’ renowned business Insurance In Portugal or Spain. It may not be a service area of ours that we have discussed extensively on the Ibex blog, but it is still a very good-value one, in more ways than one.

What can you expect from our business insurance?

At Ibex, we believe when you are running a business as an expat and may still be struggling just to get accustomed to the local language and the business regulatory barriers applicable to your new country of residence, you will want whatever insurance you take out to be easy to understand and use.

That’s why we provide an English-speaking service that you might have otherwise struggled to find in the expat insurance market, clearly communicating a wide range of benefits including 24 hours a day, seven days a week assistance, all manner of insurable limits, a high level of flexibility and many more advantages.

Maybe you are especially anxious simply to invest in expat business insurance that caters to all of the basic elements. Alternatively, there may be certain particular areas of cover – such as property damage, loss of rent, water damage, legal protection or theft of cash – that you absolutely want to be included in your policy.

What about the likes of tenant’s liability cover, employer’s liability cover, refrigerated goods and goods in transit? It’s all part of our commitment here at Ibex to providing you with a policy that is perfectly designed for the specific risks that your firm faces, without forcing you to fork out for areas of coverage you just don’t need.

Whatever insurance in Portugal or Spain you require, place your trust in Ibex

Ibex has been a well-regarded name in the field of expat insurance for many years now, in large part because we simply understand the needs of this specialised corner of the market better than any other broker.

Our all-encompassing and flexible business insurance is the perfect example of that. Simply contact our team today to learn more about what it truly means to be an Ibex client.

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